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Travel Apps - Top 7 Travel Apps You Might Not Have Heard Of

Posted on 9 April 2014 by Melinda

The Top 7 Travel Apps You Might Not Have Heard Of.

Make your next trip even better with these apps.

As a frequent traveler, utilizing travel apps is the smartphones answer to saving grace, without having to lug a lot of books around.  There’s a lot of lists that are compiled using the same apps, where we try to think outside the box, and bring you the apps you really need!

7. WhatsApp: If you’re not using it yet, you will be. Especially with phone call capabilities on the way. Extremely usefully when traveling internationally, the texting and photos sharing features are super quick. Useful in any country, with Facebook’s recent acquisition of it, making it a game changer in the telecommunications industry.

6. XE: XE Currency Conversion is by far considered the best industry standard, and it’s app is no different. I know I like to get real time currency rates, so then there’s piece of mind knowing you’re offered a good rate or not.

5. GateGuru: Yes we all agree, airport food is overpriced and sucks, but when stuck with airport lounge downtime, a persons got to eat. GateGuru is a smart guide that tells you what eateries are in each airport, with map & terminal/gate location, and whether there’s a line out the door or not. If that didn’t sound helpful enough, diners are able to leave rated reviews so you know what you’re getting into. 

4. IStone: Need to go to the restroom in Germany, but don’t know how to say it? istone to the rescue.  A brilliant translation app that records your voice, then translates it into one of 12 languages, and is also equipped with 300 different useful phrases. It also features native pronunciation, and needs no wi-fi. May you never be left “stranded” again.

3. Luxe City Guides: For most major cities around the world, LCG’s is a downloadable app, that includes maps, itineraries, suggested restaurants, must see’s etc, all available “off-line”. Meaning if your in the middle of nowhere with no internet connection, you can still access maps and information, as you have downloaded the feature already.  I used the Shanghai & Beijing ones recently, and it was a dream!

2. IExit: There’s nothing worse than needing a Starbuck’s fix, and suddenly you drive by one. As the name suggests, push a button to discover what is coming up near you at major freeway exists. This not only saves you time on a road tip, but also the headache of wondering what’s round the bend. It has everything from stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels etc). Sweet! 

1. Free Wi-Fi Finder: When traveling abroad I know I don’t want to occur “Roaming/Data” charges, so it’s best to utilize many of the free wi-fi spots available. We all know they are there – just exactly where are they? By using your smartphones GPS, the app finds public hot spots in your area. I’d say that’s pretty close to winning!

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