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Las Vegas Travel - Top 7 Las Vegas Tips

Posted on 7 April 2014 by Adam

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The Top Las Vegas Trip Tips

Seven important tips when traveling to Las Vegas

Sin City has become the mecca for not only gamblers but those travelers that love great food, shows, pools, and spas. The Las Vegas Hotel and Resorts have taken everything to a new level of pampering. Unfortunately that has meant that Las Vegas has went from being a cheap vacation to one of the more expensive places to visit. But, savvy travelers that use our Las Vegas Tips can save big. 

7. Book Sunday-Thursday - These are the cheapest days to stay and play in Las Vegas. Don't worry you won't miss much as Las Vegas shows and Clubs are nearly 24/7/365. Another tip is use the player clubs or casino marketing to book your rooms, many times these offers will be 30-50% off rack rate prices. 

6. Sign up for Player's Clubs/Cards - Even if your not a big gambler sign up for the Las Vegas clubs/cards. This is best way to earn cheaper rooms, shows, and restaurants in future Las Vegas vacations. 

5. Charge Everything to the Room - Most Las Vegas Player's Clubs/Cards give you points for everything you spend while in the casino. Some casino's like MGM casino's give you extra points when spending at their restaurants or shops. Another tip is make sure you call players club before checking out to see if they can comp some or all of your room and room charges.

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4. Avoid June-August stay if possible - If you have never been to Las Vegas just trust us that the heat makes everything outside miserable. Yes the Las Vegas pools are wonderful but avoid these months. Remember Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert. 

3. Use Discounted Ticket Stands for Shows - Many of the best Las Vegas shows use these places to liquidate their unsold tickets. Getting up to 50% of face value can help stretch your Las Vegas Vacation money. 

2. Never fall for the Time Share Sales Tactics - Trust me you will be tempted by free meals, free shows, and/or cash but don't be fooled into a Time Share Sales Tour. These guys are pro's at getting you to their off strip resorts and the high pressure sales afterward are not worth the gifts they offer. 

1. Everything in Moderation - Very easy to lose yourself in SIN CITY. Highly suggest putting daily limits on your gambling losses, use the in room safe to keep rest of your trip money to avoid spending more than daily gambling budget. Moderation in drinking is just as important, yes the free drinks are nice but too much drinking will make the next day tough to enjoy. 


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