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How To Backpack For Less - Top 7 Tips For Backpacking On A Budget

Posted on 19 April 2014 by Melinda

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Top 7 Tips For Backpacking On A Budget.

How to stretch your dollar to go further.

I know I want to save money on a trip, and for many years I backpacked around the globe. These tips are what I used to get by.

7. Take Over Night Trains: Not only do they double as a bed for the night, so you don’t have to book a hostel/motel room, trains are a relaxing experience allowing you to unwind or do more travel research.

6. Barter: If you are in a foreign country there are no fixed prices. Bargain well, and bargain hard. Remember, if you don’t ask you get 100% of nothing.

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5. Eat Street Food: It’s cheaper than restaurants, and some of the best local cuisine is the street food itself. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the culture.

4. Get A Student ID: ISIC offers international ID cards for savings all over the world for people 30 years old or younger. Museums, buses, trains, some hostels, flights etc. are just some of the discounts available. You can also enroll in a course at a local collage, get an ID and use that for many savings.

3. Travel Off Season: The flights will always be cheaper than going in peak season. And with global warming very much alive and present, a lot of times what would be considered “winter” in some countries is actually warmer than usual.

2. Get Travelers Insurance: The price of peace of mind is worth it, and you never know what can happen on the road. Some credit card companies offer free insurance, but you want to read the fine print, and getting external insurance could be better coverage.

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1. Avoid Expensive Countries: Your money will go so much further by traveling developing nations. Places like South East Asia and Africa are great starting points. Depending on your schedule, you can travel for many more months, than say Europe.

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