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Got No Wi-fi? - Top 7 Ways To Kill Time On a Flight With No Internet

Posted on 10 April 2014 by Melinda

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Top 7 Ways To Kill Time On a Flight With No Internet

The Top 7 Ways To Kill Time On a Flight With No Internet.

Have a stress free flight with these tips.

In a day and an age where we are so connected, I know at 30,000 feet in the air I would love access to the Internet more than ever to pass the time. While some airlines have wi-fi on board, others do not - especially if your flying in remote countries, or smaller regional airlines. So to pass the time weather it’s a long haul or short haul flight, here are some foolproof sound suggestions to pass the time while doing more than watch paint dry.

7. Conversation: I believe in predictability and chance, and it’s a two way street. Sometimes you’re on a flight sitting next to someone that is annoying and won’t stop talking, but sometimes you meet the perfect person that’s going to be your new BFF (even if for a few short hours). I have sat next to the nicest people, and have learnt so much about the destination I’m going to, life advice, or just simple human interaction. In an electronic world, the basics still exist, so don’t be afraid to say hello.  Worst case scenario there’s the other 6 tips below.

6. Games: Have you ever wanted to just get your game on? Boy it can be addictive. From crosswords, angry birds to candy crush, and let’s not forget Sudoku, games are not only fun, but when taken into the physical realm, the fun can be shared as well. I love bringing a deck of cards on board a flight with me, cause you never know who your going to sit next to that wants to play gin rummy.

5. List Building: With a lot of time on your hands, and yes, a one-hour flight is still time on your hands - get busy list building.  There are playlists I’ve wanted to put together, photos that need tagging and putting into albums.  Two 15-hour flights would barely be enough time to make a dent in my pile of lists.  And if all of that’s complete, well there’s my bucket list. List’s of things to do for work, home, etc. etc. I think you get the point, and if I don’t stop now, this will become a list in itself!

4. Entertainment: You might find yourself on a plane with personal in flight entertainment - hooray! I’m thankful we live in a digital tablet/ ipad world. I love catching up on my favorite shows that I didn’t get to watch yet, or movies that I could buy on DVD – but with digital downloads as the way of the future, that’s my new source for content on the go.

3. Read: Want a relaxing escape? That book I have always been meaning to read, or those pile of magazines that I quite haven’t gotten around to reading just yet – I save those moments for plane trips. I get great pleasure in getting lost in a good story, and before you know it, you’re at your destination, and further through that book. If you bring magazines, make sure to give the finished ones you don’t need anymore to the cabin crew. They will love you for it.

2. Work: If you’re in proactive mood, pulling out the work you need to do is the perfect way to be productive. With less distractions on a plane, especially if you wear noise canceling headphones or listen to music, you can either work on a deadline, or put time into that deadline to be ahead of your work load when you land.  I’ve given myself the deadline of a trip from Los Angeles to Chicago to get XYX completed and it’s worked!

1. Sleep. Hands down the quickest time saving/time killing tip there is. If you’re lucky enough to be one of those people that can sleep anywhere, well I wish I was you! Perhaps it’s an early morning flight or even a midday flight, getting some shut-eye even if it’s to meditate, or clear your mind, or even daydream, is a relaxing and effective way to productively pass time. I make a point of doing this on every trip.

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