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Frequent Flyer Programs - Top 7 Frequent Flyer Programs

Posted on 13 April 2014 by Pam

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The Top 7 Frequent Flyer Programs.

Earn more with these top industry rated frequent flyer programs.

Although frequent flyer programs may seem to be declining in popularity, there are many programs that still have quite a bit to offer. Obviously some airlines have better or worse frequent flyer programs and we have our top 7 below. Check out our list of top 7 frequent flyer programs.

7. Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards - The Rapid Rewards program allows participants to become elite members after gathering a certain amount of tier points. It is a revenue based program in which participants gather a certain amount of points according to dollars spent at certain locations.

6. Early Returns - To earn a free flight through the Early Returns program a participant must accrue at least 10,000 reward points, which are distance based.

5. Hawaiian Miles - Hawaiian Miles is mileage based and allows participants to cash in points for a free flight after 20,000 points have been accrued. Elite status can be gained.

4. US Airways Dividend Miles - Dividend Miles is also a mileage based program that allows participants to cash 25,000 points in for a free flight within the continental U.S.

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3. United Mileage Plus - Mileage Plus is a miles based program that lets users have a free flight or to cash points in for other travel opportunities, depending on the amount of points earned.

2. Delta SkyMiles - After earning 12,500 points, a participant can trade in the SkyMiles points for a free flight. In addition, there is a SkyMiles marketplace that has other offers for point trade in such as travel pillows or suitcases and travel packages.

1. American Airlines AAdvantage - The top frequent flyer program is the AAdvantage program from American Airlines. Only 12, 500 points earns a free flight, but points can also be cashed in for hotel stays, class upgrades, rental cars, vacation membership, and other things like gifts for others.

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