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Posted on 19 April 2014 by Melinda

The Best 7 Guide Books To Plan You're Trip. 

The more prepared you are the better you're trip.

Not in every country will I have access to the internet, and when I have long train, bus or plane trip, I like to use that time to do research. Having a physical book in my hand is the key to a successful trip.

7. Footprint Travel Guides: Focused on offbeat readers that seek out the unknown, the guides are rather accurate with their information. On the slimmer side of traditional guides, it doesn’t miss a thing, only packing in the essential info without leaving anything out.

6. Time Out Magazine: More of a short trip guide, you will gain great insight & authoritative need-to-know information of your chosen city. There is a heavy emphasis on music, arts and cultural activities as well as shopping, eating, and where to stay.

5. Rough Guides: Aimed at the younger traveler, budget choices are a priority for the 200 travel guides that are simple and easy to use.

4. Fodors: A travel series with integrity, it relies on sound editorial choices. All the writers are locals and write with accuracy and expertise. In addition to the usual what to see and do sections, they offer full essays that capture the essence of each destination.

3. DK Real Eyewitness Travel Guides: Published in over 50 languages, the series covers over 100 cities. In a new series called “Real City” travelers are able to get inspiration by locals that will recommend what to avoid, especially the typical tourist traps.

2. Frommer’s: What started with a single book entitles “Europe on $5 a day”, has grown into a large series of over 300 guidebooks. With 50 years of travel writing experience, their website online supports the guides and is updated daily.

1. Lonely Planet: Considered the best of all the travel guides on the market, they cover every region of the globe, and every major city, with itineraries for all budgets. The travel writers are the best, and their reputation as leaders in the travel industry is formidable.


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