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Barter Like A Pro - Top 7 Tips On How To Barter

Posted on 15 April 2014 by Melinda
Barter Like A Pro

Top 7 Bartering Tips.

With a good strategy, you too can barter like a pro.

As someone who lived in Asia for 20 years, I shopped at many markets and bazars, and am confidant that I hold my own when it comes to haggling or bartering. Firstly understand the culture, and to a lot of shop owners it’s about saving face. If you have a good strategy and treat them with respect, you can pretty much get what you want. 

7. Research: I always make a list of what I’m looking for, and check prices online in advance. Yes, I do this for markets, bazars and anywhere there is barter involved. It’s like e-bay but in person. This way I don’t end up buying what I don’t need, which in turn saves money.

6. Have Lots Of Small Bills: I always make sure I have enough small bills to pay the Exact price the shop owner and I agreed on. Markets are very busy, and stalls are crammed next to each other. If you negotiate $18 for a tie, and pull out $100 bill, chances are other shop owners will see you, knowing that you actually have more than you might claim.

5. Don’t Give Into Emotion: Shop owners tend to get emotional and angry, all enticed to rile me up.  I don’t give into that. I keep cool, calm and collected. I never raise my voice the entire time, and once they have calmed down, I get back to the negotiation. On the flip side, don’t get emotionally attached to any item. It will be there when you return.

4. Inspect The Item: At markets remember the saying “Buyer Beware’. 98% of transactions are cash only, and if I notice something chipped or wrong later – well tough luck.

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3. Learn A Few Phrases: This tip goes a long way. In the local language, I always learn the phrases for please, thank you, too expensive, and cheaper please. I write them on a piece of paper, to refer to whenever I need. I gain respect that I took the time to learn some of the local language.

2. Know When To Walk Away: I always try to be fair in my bartering, and I never try to get something for nothing. Many times I have overheard screaming arguments from other foreigners, cause they take the game too far. Set a fair price, and stick with it, but know when to be flexible. If the price is not right, then walk away. I know I will see the item again and again.

1. There Are No Rules:  Like the Wild West, there are no rules. Bartering is a game, most times there is a winner, but sometimes both people lose. This is how I choose to play the game. Cool, calm and collected, and I usually win.


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