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Zoo Reviews - Top 7 must visit Zoo's

Posted on 11 April 2014 by Mike

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The Top 7 must visit zoo's.

Make it a great vacation by scheduling around one of these great zoo's.

Looking to take the family to the zoo this summer? Check out these top seven zoos and add at least one to you 'go to' list for your vacation!

7) Bronx Zoo - The Bronx Zoo is the largest metropolitan zoo in the world. It's home to over 6,000 animals from over 650 species. When you visit, you will get to travel to Madagascar, explore the Congo Gorilla Forest or ride the Wild Asia Monorail.

6) The National Zoo - DC's National Zoo makes all the 'best zoo' lists, every year. The National Zoo is known for its giant pandas--and for the fact that it offers free admission every day. This 163-acre zoological park is operated by the Smithsonian, and is located in Rock Creek Park

5) Brookfield Zoo - Brookfield Zoo is open 365 days a year! This is just one of the Chicago-area zoos (there are five!), and it is home to over 2,300 animals. This was the first zoo to have an indoor, multispecies exhibit, and today, it still has one of the world’s largest of these exhibits.

4) Columbus Zoo - The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium is located in Columbus, Ohio. They offer a number of exhibits, from The Polar Frontier to The African Forest to The Islands. The zoo has over 9,000 animals from more than 700 species, and they also have an 18-hole golf course, called the Safari Golf Club.

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3) St. Louis Zoo - St. Louis is another city that offers free admission to its zoo. The zoo is spread over 90 acres and contains over 5,000 animals of 700 species. The zoo is divided up into zones like The River's Edge, The Wild, Discovery Zone and more.

2) Lincoln Park Zoo - The Lincoln Park Zoo is another zoo in Chicago--and this one is free. It was founded in 1868, which makes it one of the oldest in the country. Lincoln Park Zoo has more than 1,250 animals, a Nature Boardwalk, gorgeous views of the Chicago skyline, a Regenstein Center for African Apes, and much more.

1) San Diego Zoo - And finally, the number one zoo in America is the San Diego Zoo, where your family can see more than 4,000 animals from over 800 species. The zoo origins date back to exhibitions abandoned after the 1915 Panama-California Exposition. Today, you can visit the Polar Rim, an Urban Jungle, a Lost Forest, a Discovery Outpost and more. 

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