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Vintage Stores Los Angeles - Top 7 Modern & Designer Vintage Stores Los Angeles

Posted on 14 April 2014 by Melinda

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The Top 7 Modern & Designer Vintage Stores Los Angeles.

Shop at curated stores that find the best threads.

If you’re past wading through thousands of $3 vintage racks, and are looking for a curated collection of modern, designer and old school vintage, then the seven stores below offer Los Angeles’s best pre-screened collections. 

7. Scout: If Avant-garde and left of center style choices are what you seek, Scout is for you. Although you will find pieces from high-end European designers, they also have lesser-known names that are esoteric and fabulous. A highly curated collection allowing you to stand out from the masses.

6. Sielians Vintage: With one of the sharpest eyes in the vintage business, her and her husband have a to die worthy collection of fashions favorite players. From Oscar de La Renta gowns, to 1920’s dresses, the clothes are in top-notch condition, and never anything you could find on ebay. 

5. Sqauresville: One of the funnest vintage stores in LA, its selection is so great and well priced, you are bound to leave with something. Need a last minute costume, either you or your alter ego will be on the best-dressed list that night! Biggest collections are from the 70’s and 80’s.

4. The Way We Wore: Let’s talk about closets for a moment. Walking into this store, you feel as if you have just walked into the entire history of Hollywood’s closet. With a selection of pieces from the late 19th century to the late 20th century, the clothes are in pristine condition. The staff is knowledgeable about each era, and is rather helpful. The clothes aren’t cheap here, but they are worth every penny. 

3. Shareen Vintage: Located inn a non-descript warehouse in downtown LA, Shareen Mitchell’s racks are brimming over with choice. There is a heavy selection of dresses, so if your into pants, don’t come here thinking you will find that. The assistants are some of the best in retail, and will happily help you on your hunt for any item, many under $50. There are no change rooms, so don’t be shy as it’s female only. 

2. Wasteland: With three locations in Los Angeles, They have organized their stores into two categories. Designer Vintage, and Vintage. As a store where anyone can sell their clothes, of the lower priced vintage stores this is the King. From Celine blouses, Gucci shoes, to Zara basics; it’s a highly curated set of racks that have a killer sales team that pre-screens each item.

1. Decades Two: Downstairs from Cameron Silvers Decades, is the less expensive version that has a killer shoe collection. Twice a year they have a shoe sale where all designer shoes are USD $150.  Their hand picked selection of designer jewelry and clothes comes from the closets of Los Angeles’s high society, and Hollywood stars. And if you’re not on their instagram feed, you might want to be.

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