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Urban Grill Cincinnati Food Truck Review

Posted on 14 July 2016 by Kim

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The Urban Grill is a great food truck in Cincinnati. In fact, the Urban Grill ranked 4th in our Top 7 Food Trucks of Cincinnati article. Since we have already ranked the top 7 food trucks, we have decided to dive a little deeper into the food trucks and start to explore the individual trucks that made our list. With no further wait, let us dive into the review of the Urban Grill.

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Location And Hours

Just like most of the other food trucks that we have talked about, you are going to find the schedule and hours of operation vary from day to day. Since this is the case, it is important that you check them out on Twitter, @UrbanGrillCincy because they post their weekly schedule on the feed. 

Best Menu Item

The menu item that we have absolutely fallen in love with is the Buffalo Mac. This is a great chicken sandwich, but it is a sandwich that you can enjoy eating time and time again. You just have to make sure you are hungry when you order it because the food is very filling and if you are to hungry you may find yourself going back for a second one. 

What We Did Not Like

Bacon on a stick is the one item that we did not like. Not because the quality of the food was bad, but because we were wanting more! Then again we love our bacon and can sit down and make an entire meal out of bacon. So if the bacon on a stick had a side order of bacon, it would be perfect, but it is a great snack if you want to have a quick bite to go.

Our Rating Out Of 10 Stars - 8.0 Stars

The Urban Grill is a great place to go out and eat. However, we have found the menu, even for a food truck, is somewhat limited. So you will find the food is good, but the menu may not cater to everyone under the sun. Overall, though, you are going to get some great value for your buck. 

Check out Urban Grill at and @UrbanGrillCincy

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