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U.S. Travel: Top 7 Most Expensive U.S. Cities To Travel To

Posted on 7 April 2014 by Mitch Wilson

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The Top 7 Most Expensive Cities in the United States for Travelers

Expensive..But Worth It?

To me, what is expensive or inexpensive is subjective and a matter of opinion and what you are accustomed to. Sometimes it is also just a matter of you get what you pay for but the reality of it is, some cities are just more expensive than others. While I also have a list of the least expensive cities and of course at Top7Travel we are always looking for exciting places and bargains, what is a bargain in one city can be off the charts in another. While the cities on this list have their share of bargains if you look hard enough and get lucky, in general these are the most expensive cities to travel to in the U.S. Don’t worry Boston and Los Angeles, I didn’t forget about you, you ranked ninth and eighth respectively.

7) San Francisco, CA – San Francisco is known for high real estate prices but it doesn’t stop with those who call San Francisco home, the visitors get it as well. In general hotels are expensive averaging just south of $250 a night on average and meals are going to run you $100 a day on average as well. Of course in the Bay Area the prices for each of these can go much higher and in a lot of cases, it’s well worth it.

6) Washington, D.C. – While hotels run higher than San Francisco at just north of $260 per night on average, meals for a day average about $15 less than number seven on the list. Washington D.C. is one of those places that just has a ton of stuff to see and do and has a lot of really cool places to see. If you haven’t been to D.C. you are going to want to add it to the list.

5) Las Vegas, NV – Las Vegas is one of those cities where they have it all and while it was once known as a mecca for deals and five-dollar lobster, deals are few and far between these days in Vegas. Hotels are averaging just north of $220 a night but meals cost just south of $135. If you hear about one of your friends getting great deals or comps they have more than likely paid for it another way which is more than likely pumping some cash into the slots.

4) San Diego, CA – San Diego sports some of the nicest weather in the U.S. as it is the only place in North America with a Mediterranean climate meaning bad weather just doesn’t happen very often. With hotels running just shy of $245 a night and meals coming in at about $117 a day that is the trade of for virtually guaranteeing that you are going to have great weather for your vacation.

3) Miami Beach, FL – 20 years ago Miami Beach was a dying town that was falling apart but with Miami being such an international city some people got smart and revitalized the entire Miami Beach area. Hotels are running on average just over $280 a night and you can get a days worth of meals for about $90. You can get most things in the general Miami Beach area and you don’t have to worry about ever needing more than a wind breaker and in most cases you will never even need that.

2) New York, NY – New York is so big and offers so much I will say that it can be done for much less than the $477 a night average hotel charge and $130 daily on meals the average comes in at but those are the numbers I have to work with. New York is the place where you can get Caviar or a slice of pizza all on the same block and with so many hotel rooms, you can certainly find a good deal if you aren’t too particular.

1) Honolulu, HI – Forget that Honolulu is one of the most expensive places in the United States to fly to from the U.S. mainland, it isn’t any less expensive once you get there. Hotels run in the $545 a night range and food at $127 a day isn’t cheap either as nearly everything needs to be shipped in from the mainland. With all of the things being said about the cost, such is the price of true paradise.

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