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Travel With Friends: Top 7 Multi-Family Vacation Ideas

Posted on 18 April 2014 by Pam Stevens

7 Ideas For a Multi-Family Vacation

Want to go on vacation with you friends family? Some Ideas that appeal to many

Taking a multi-family vacation can be fun and rewarding, but this is based upon the places you decide to vacation. When you are interested in taking a multi-family vacation, first and foremost, you need to plan, but more importantly you need to research a few different places that are ideal for this type of vacation. Here are 7 places that are ideal for a multi-family vacation. These places have something for adults and children so everyone can enjoy their time away from work and school.

 7. Camping If you are on a strict budget, but still want to have fun, a family camping trip is great. There are many different family camps that offer nature walks and wildlife exploring. This is a great vacation to observe the leaves when they change color.

6. RanchingYou may be surprised at how much fun a ranch can be for children and adults. Depending on when you plan to take this trip, you may need to find a ranch that is open year-round. Vacationing to at a ranch is a great opportunity to fish, dance, go horse-back riding, and have a great time in the pool.

5. Work FarmsHearing the phrase work farm are not appealing, but contrary to its unpleasant sound, work farms are perfect for multi-family vacations. There’s nothing like living the farm way and exploring an element that is not your own. Families can have fun gathering eggs, milking cows, feeding goats, and having fun on the hayride.

4. BeachThe beach can be a lot of fun when you are enjoying a mutli-family vacation. You can enjoy the smell of salt from the ocean, beautiful scenery, luxurious condos, and other lodging areas, and the breathtaking, sparkling ocean.

3. CruiseIf your family and a friend’s family want to get away from it all, a cruise is an awesome multi-family vacation opportunity. You can shop and travel in one trip. There are thousands of activities for children and adults to partake in, such as swimming, dancing, and playing games in the arcade.

2. Time Travel Station - If you have ever wondered what it was like before your time, this is the perfect multi-family vacation. See what it’s like to live without television and many other technology advances.

1. Disney World - Disney world is the ultimate vacation and a great place for adults and children to unwind and truly enjoy themselves. There are unlimited activities and attractions that you can take advantage of. This is one vacation spot that understands the meaning of fun.

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