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Top 7 Vineyards - Napa Valley

Posted on 13 August 2017 by Mary

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Sterling Vineyard

Napa Valley is well known for being a wine country. However, what you need to realize is the place literally has so many vineyards it can be difficult to figure out which one to visit. That is why we have worked extra hard to narrow down the top 7 vineyards in Napa Valley for you to visit. 

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  • 7. Robert Sinskey Vineyards @robertsinskeyvineyards -

    Using earth friendly methods for producing the wine you will find the Robert Sinskey Vineyards is an imposing location and one that you are going to love. The place has a very good biodynamic because of the way the location is growing the crops and producing the wine. 

  • 6. Anomaly Vineyards @anomalyvineyards -

    When you look at Anomaly you will notice it is going to be a place that is able to blow the competition out of the water when it comes to the high quality Cabernet that they have available. Throw in the beautiful location and you have an amazing place to visit. 

  • 5. Shafer Vineyards @Shafer-Vineyards -

    This is one vineyard that is very popular and still family owned. This place has such a strong tasting room selection and popularity that you need to make reservations for the location at least 6 weeks in advance. So make sure you have this one on your list, but also make sure you know when for certain to make reservations. 

  • 4. Chateau Montelena Winery @ChMontelena -

    If you want to be at a place that has managed to win a lot of awards. That has made this place one of the top ones to stop in and get a great bottle of wine from. One of those awards has come for the white wine, which they won an award in Paris for Judgement of Paris competition. 

  • 3. Clos Pegase Winery @clospegasewines -

    Wine always seems to go great! Yes, art and architecture have a high place with vineyards and that is very true at Clos Pegase Winery. This is a place that has some extremely high quality wine, but also has some amazing artworks that you can go and see. 

  • 2. Quixote Winery @QuixoteWinery -

    With what had to be a builders nightmare you will find the Quixote Winery as a place that has some amazing charm. Throw in some of the great wines the place serves and you have a winner. What else is nice is the colors that are present here compared to some of the other places. 

  • 1. Sterling Vineyard @sterlingvineyards -

    Sterling Vineyard is a place you will fall in love with as it has a beautiful setting, but also a great tasting room. When you do go to Sterling you will find they do have different packages available, but we tend to opt for the highest level because it is simply amazing. 

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