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Posted on 14 May 2017 by Mike

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Blue Mountains Tour

Sydney is a great city and one that you are going to fall in love with if you stay in the city to long. However, to make the most out of your trip to Sydney you need to know about the top tours to take. That is why we have ranked the Top 7 Tours In Sydney.

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  • 7. Sydney Harbour By Helicopter -

    Now we have already said the way to really connect with Sydney Harbour is by boat on the dinner cruise. However, if you want to see the immensity of the harbour then you need to take the helicopter tour. This is a great tour and one that you are sure to love because of the views you get of the harbour. 

  • 6. Hunter Valley Wine Tour -

    Now this is a tour that the wine lovers are going to like because it lets them get out and see the areas that are growing the grapes to rival France. The Wine tour also has chocolate involved so you cannot really go wrong with this tour at all. 

  • 5. Port Stephens Day Trip -

    Yes, this is another day trip out of Sydney, but it is going to be a beautiful one that you will enjoy. When you take this tour you have a chance to go out and watch the dolphins, but also a chance to explore all the different animals that are in the region. 

  • 4. Sydney Skywalk Tour -

    If you want to have a birds eye view of Sydney then you will have to take the Sydney Skywalk Tour. This tour will allow you to go out and see everything that you need to see, but also know that you are going to finally be able to enjoy life again because of what all you are seeing and know you are getting a unique view of the city.

  • 3. Sydney Opera House Guided Tour -

    The Opera House in Sydney is one of those iconic locations you will love. However, what you will like with the opera house is you have a chance to learn about the unique building, but also have a chance to see things that you never thought you would see before. 

  • 2. Sydney Dinner Harbour Cruise -

    Sydney Harbour is easily one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Nothing is better than getting a chance to see the harbour from the sea. That is what you get on this beautiful yacht is the chance to tour the harbour, but also enjoy an elegant and high class meal. 

  • 1. Blue Mountains Day Trip And River Cruise -

    These are small group tours that you are sure to love. They have the smaller feel to them, fill up the day with education and beautiful sites, but also make it possible for you to see one of the UNESCO world rated places for its natural beauty that is present. 

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