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Top 7 Tours - San Francisco

Posted on 25 April 2017 by Sue

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Avital Tour

The hilly area of San Francisco is beautiful and something that you are going to really like. However, with the tours you have a chance to see the city in a completely different light. Find out what we view as the Top 7 Tours in San Francisco.

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  • 7. Alcatraz Night Tours -

    Alcatraz is a place that was a prison and now is a major tourist attraction. They do offer day and night tours. However, if you want the bests experience and the full pleasures of Alcatraz is at night.

  • 6. Union Square Cocktail Tours @AvitalTours -

    This is another great tour offered by Avital Tours. The tour takes you to the beautiful bar areas of San Francisco. The tour allows you to meet the bar owners,bartenders, and even experts in the industry while enjoying some great cocktails.

  • 5. The New Classic @sosfbiketours -

    The New Classic is offered by the Streets of San Francisco Bike Tours. However, this is a tour you will love as it takes you all over the city and makes it easier for you to have a great trip. The tour does take 4 hours though.

  • 4. Emperor Norton's Fantastic Tour @ENBSF -

    The tour you take here is going to be one you will love and enjoy as you will walk a couple of hours and have a chance to see San Francisco and places you will want to go back and see time and time again.

  • 3. Wine Tours @Vantigosf -

    Vantigo is a great company that has multiple tours of San Francisco. The one we really love is the wine tours that is going to take out and have a great time at the place and enjoy the beautiful of the vineyards and even get to see the wine.

  • 2. Bike the Bridge & Shuttle To Muir Woods @DylansToursSF -

    This is a tour you will love as you can bike across the bridge and then catch a shuttle on the way to Muir Woods and have a great chance to get out and see the natural beauty of the region and have a return shuttle back to San Francisco.

  • 1. Mission District Food Tours @AvitalTours -

    The Mission District Food Tour is offered by Avital Tours and this is a tour that takes you  out into San Francisco to the area that is well known for the high end and trendy Mexican cuisine. Easily one of the best food tours to take while in San Francisco.

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