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Posted on 12 May 2017 by Jose

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Los Angeles Hop On Hop Off

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis, but it is also home to Hollywood and several other attractions in the region. However, it can be overwhelming to get to see all of the attractions. This is why you should know about the top 7 tours in Los Angeles to help you out. 

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  • 7. Whale And Dolphin Watching Cruises -

    This is a cruise that you are going to love going on. It will take a day out of your trip, but you have a chance to go out and see the whales and the dolphins. Definitely something that will blow your mind to see the power of these animals coming up next to you and blowing water on you. 

  • 6. 6 Hour Los Angeles City Tour -

    The tour is going to take you through the city of Los Angeles and it will provide you with a great view of the city from a unique perspective. You will explore all aspects of the city, but you need to realize it can be a challenge to find the best place to stop at and if you are walking be prepared to walk a lot. 

  • 5. Santa Monica Walking Food Tour -

    Taking a trip down the Santa Monica Pier is one thing, but having a chance to experience the food is another. Taking the walking food tour for Santa Monica will provide you with a chance to experience the foods and know that you are going to have a great meal while doing the tour. 

  • 4. Los Angeles Shoreline Tour From The Air -

    Are you looking for a great tour that is going to take you in the air? If you are then you will want to take the Los Angeles Shoreline Tour. This tour is going to provide you with views that you never imagined possible from the Long Beach area to the beautiful shoreline of LA. 

  • 3. Hollywood Stars Tour -

    This is a great tour that will take you along the walk of the stars. This tour allows you to see the stars on the ground, but also have a chance to see more of the stars that you never would have thought about seeing before. Definitely a tour for the entire family! 

  • 2. Dearly Departed: The Tragic History Of Los Angeles -

    Los Angeles is generally thought of as being all glitz and glam. However, this was not always the case, by taking this tour you have a chance to explore what has happened in the past of Los Angeles and start to learn more about the darkness of the city and the past that was present. 

  • 1. Los Angeles Hop On Hop Off -

    Nothing beats getting to see a city from a bus. You do not have to do the driving and you can see what is going on around the city. This is a great tour if you sit up top because you can see everything that you want in the city and know you are going to have a chance to find destinations you want to see later on. 

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