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Top 7 Tours - Kansas City

Posted on 6 January 2018 by Alex

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Going to a new city is always exciting, but it can be a challenge as well because you may not know what to go do and see. This is why you often see so many tour companies offering tours of the region. However, when you are in Kansas City you should know about the top 7 tours in the Kansas City region. 

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  • 7. KC Double Decker Tours -

    Having a chance to see the city from the upper deck of a double decker bus is a great thing to do. However, when you are here you will find this is a great way to see the city and get a sense of what the city has to offer from a unique view.

  • 6. Edge of Hell Haunted House -

    This is more of a seasonal type of tour, but it is definitely one you will want to take because it allows you to get to see the haunted house that is famous. This is one that will literally scare the pants off of you. 

  • 5. Gangster Tour -

    The mob may not seem like it would be something that you would find in Kansas City. However, when you are here you will want to take the Gangster tours. This way you can see the different areas the gangsters went to, but also have a chance to experience the seedy side of the city.

  • 4. Harley Davidson Factory Tour -

    When you think of a motorcycle, you think of Harley Davidson. Nothing is better than taking a tour so you can see where these amazing machines are made and having a chance to see the machines as they are in the process of being manufactured.

  • 3. Kansas City Fun Trolley Tours -

    Going on a trolley may make you think you are in San Francisco, but you are actually in Kansas City. This is going to really make your day because these tours are fun and exciting, but at the same time will keep you going for a long period of time. 

  • 2. Barley Bus Brewing Tours -

    When you think about breweries you often think about going to one or two. However, what you will find is the Barley Bus is a tour that will take you to several different places and each one will have the drinks you need to try out. 

  • 1. KC Barbecue Tours -

    Kansas City is very famous for having some amazing BBQ. What you are going to love here is the tours that are going to take you to the beautiful places you want to go and have a chance to enjoy the amazing food you never thought you would taste before.

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