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Top 7 Tours In Seattle

Posted on 31 January 2017 by Erica

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Underground Seattle Tour

Seattle is a gem city in the Pacific Northwest. However, a lot of people never venture far from the hotel room because they stay in the area they are familiar with already. To break this habit and get to see more of the city, people should explore the different tours in Seattle. We know this can be challenge and have decided to narrow down the list to the Top 7 Tours in Seattle. 

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  • 7. Savor Seattle Tours @savorseattle -

    Seattle has been known for great cutting edge foods. Finding all the foods at once is nearly impossible though. With Savor Seattle Tours, you have the chance to tour some of the different restaurants that are in the area and know you can finally explore all the food Seattle has to offer. 

  • 6. Seattle Seaplanes @SeattleSeaplanes -

    What a unique way to see Seattle other than in the air. Now this does not mean when you land on your flight. Instead, it means getting a scenic flight given to you by Seattle Seaplanes who will give you a unique tour of Seattle from the air with information about the sights you are seeing. 

  • 5. Spooked In Seattle @SpookedinSeattl -

    With some of the ghost tours you will find they are going underground, but other tours lead you in a different path. This is a tour that will take you into the areas they have investigated, but also give you a chance to see the evidence they have caught. 

  • 4. Evergreen Escapes @EverGreenEscape -

    Getting away from the city may seem odd when you are in Seattle. You are sure to find the Evergreen Escapes lets you see the natural beauty surrounding Seattle in the form of tours that takes you to the natural regions. 

  • 3. Ride The Ducks @SeattleDucks -

    If you want to take a tour of water or land then you need to take the Ducks. This is a tour that will provide you with the best adventure possible. All you have to do is take this trip to see Seattle from a very unique experience. 

  • 2. Underground Paranormal Experience @TourUnderground -

    This is a specialized section of the Underground Tour, but it is part that we absolutely love. However, this is a part of the tour that is separate and it is going to take you out into the underground so you can be your own ghost hunter. It is important to pay careful attention to the tour guides because the lights are out on this tour. 

  • 1. Bill Speidel's Underground Tour @TourUnderground -

    The Underground Tour in Seattle is one of the most world famous tours around. This is a tour that will take you into the unseen part of Seattle. You will explore the storefronts that are no longer seeing the light of day, but also find Pioneer Square, which is commonly called the founding point of Seattle. 

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