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Top 7 Tours In Miami

Posted on 1 March 2017 by Mike

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Everglades Airboat Tours

Miami is often seen as nothing more than beaches and beautiful sand. However, when you get to the city you will find there is so much more to the city. This even means finding some of the best tours to take. With that being the case, we have decided to help you out and rank the Top 7 Tours in Miami. 

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  • 7. Top Gun Charters @TopGunSportfish -

    Top Gun Charters is going to be one tour the fishermen in the group will love. They will have a chance to take a charter boat out into the ocean for some deep sea fishing. They have a chance to catch a big one, but also a chance to see the Miami area from a completely different perspective than what they are used to seeing. 

  • 6. Miami Culinary Tours South Beach @miaculinarytour -

    Everyone knows the architecture and the Miami area varies depending on what part of the town you are in. When this is the case, you will love this aspect of the culinary tour exploring South Beach. You get to stop at five different restaurants, but also get a chance to take a wonderful art deco tour. 

  • 5. Miami Culinary Tours Little Havana @miaculinarytour -

    Miami is often called Little Havana because of the number of Cubans who live in the region. With that being the case, you will enjoy the Little Havana food tour. This is a tour that will take you to the highlights of the Cuban foods that are present in Little Havana and lets you know you are getting some great food and learn about the culture. 

  • 4. Miami Pirate Duck Tours @Pirate-Adventure-Duck-Tours -

    The Miami Pirates Duck Tours is one of the most unique adventures you will want to take. This tour will make it easier for you to have a great trip because you get to see all the major attractions in Miami from both the land and the water without even having to leave the vehicle.

  • 3. Ocean Force Adventures Stiltsville Tours @OceanForceAdven -

    This tour is given by the same company that has our second ranked tour. It was a close competition between these two tours for second and third. This is a tour that will take you down to the Stiltsville area of Miami and allow you to get to experience the region and see the houses that are historical and unique as well as the entire home is on stilts over the ocean. 

  • 2. Ocean Force Adventures Biscayne Bay @OceanForceAdven -

    The Ocean Force tour of Biscayne Bay is going to be one of the best tours you can take. You get to explore the beaches of Miami from the sea, but also get to go over to Star Island and see some of the homes of the celebrities. Throw in the fact that each captain has underwent extensive training and knows the area and you have a great vacation tour in the work. 

  • 1. Airboat In Everglades @aeverglades -

    The Everglades are a beautiful swamp area for you to enjoy, but only if you do so safely. With the airboat in the Everglades tours you will have a great air boat ride and get to see areas of the Everglades you only see on television. Then you will be able to enjoy your trip and know you are seeing a unique area. 

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