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Top 7 Tours In Cincinnati

Posted on 12 July 2016 by Kim

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The Queen City is often known for Fountain Square, the Museum Center, and the National Underground Railroad Museum. However, the city has so much more to offer. Since their is so much more to offer, you may want to explore the tours Cincinnati has to offer. With that being said, here are the top 7 Cincinnati tours that you need to check out. 

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  • 7. Scenic River Canoe Excursions -

    Cincinnati is a river town and that is obvious when you see the amount of connections the city has to the river. You can easily explore this connection when you look at the scenic river canoe excursions. The excursions generally are not along the Ohio River, which has a lot of barge traffic, but the Little Miami River, which is a lot more scenic and beautiful.

  • 6. Startus Helicopter Tours -

    Helicopter tours are a great way to see the city. When you take these tours you will have a view that is completely different than any view you can get on the ground. Not only that you can start to see the city from a completely different perspective.

  • 5. Flavors Of The Queen City -

    We have mentioned before all the top restaurants in Cincinnati. You will really like the fact this is a tour that is going to take you around the city and show you all the flavors that are in Cincinnati. You can finally enjoy the food you are eating and know it is going to work for your trip that you are going to do.

  • 4. Craft Connection Brewery Tours -

    You most likely do not know Cincinnati has become a major mecca for craft breweries. Since this is the case, you will really like the Craft Connection Brewery Tours. This is a tour that will be great for anyone who has a 21st birthday or even just want to get out on the town for a little bit.

  • 3. Cincinnati Food Tours -

    Just like the flavors of the Queen City, this is a tour that will let you have a sampling of the best foods in Cincinnati. You will find yourself immersed in the food scene and know the food is the best you have ever eaten before.

  • 2. Haunted Cincinnati Tours -

    Haunted locations are a big attraction for some reason. However, what you need to realize is Cincinnati is a city that has a haunted past. Make sure if you are in town around Halloween you check out the haunted tours, but also make sure you have a great time in the haunted tours that you are going on.

  • 1. The Queen City Underground -

    Cincinnati has an underground past it is outside of the National Underground Railroad Museum. The city has managed to get quite a bit built up in the past and this past has included a subway, different features that are underground, and some secrets people do not know about until they take these tours.

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