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Top 7 Tourist Cities - Australia

Posted on 3 May 2017 by Mike

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Australia is a country that seems to have an exotic feel, but a great atmosphere for travelers. The problem comes from having to figure out which of the great cities in Australia you should be making your plans to travel to because of the great ones available. With that being said, we have ranked the top 7 cities in Australia for the tourist. 

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  • 7. Hobart -

    Now you may have never heard of Hobart before, but it is definitely a city you will want to visit. The city of Hobart has plenty of colonial era buildings, but also has a museum that is showcasing this time period of Hobart. 

  • 6. Darwin -

    Darwin is a great city that has plenty of museums and other indoor type of attractions. Throw in the great city planning with the parks and it is easy for you to find something to do when the weather is nice, but also with the museums even if the weather is bad. 

  • 5. Gold Coast -

    The Gold Coast is a place that is right on the coast as the name would suggest, but what is very nice is if you are a surfer or have any interest at all in surfing then this place is for you. The Gold Coast is a stunning place with fantastic beaches for you to enjoy.

  • 4. Cairns -

    Cairns is a place that is considered the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. The place is simply stunning and definitely will allow you to have a great trip because it allows for easy access to the reef, but also has a wide range of zoos and parks. 

  • 3. Brisbane -

    Brisbane may not seem like a city you would want to visit because it is not on the coast and is more of a river town. However, this is a beautiful city and it is definitely a place that has plenty for the entire family to do and even has a world class botanical garden. 

  • 2. Perth -

    Perth is one of those cities that you can only dream about. The city is very idyllic and it is going to allow you to have a great vacation. Throw in the number of beaches around the Western Capital of Australia and it is easy to see what makes this city a great one to stop at.

  • 1. Sydney -

    Sydney is a capital city and it is to see why this gem has made the top of our list. With the attractions and all the people in the city the place is bustling with activity. Throw in the family friendly locations and great food and you have a place that you will enjoy. 

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