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Top 7 Things To Do - Washington DC

Posted on 27 October 2017 by Adam

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National Mall

Washington DC is a beautiful city and it is a city that is full of power and nationalities as well. However, when you are traveling to Washington DC, this means nothing if you are not sure what you can do. This is why I have went out and found the top 7 things to do in Washington DC. 

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  • 7. Food Tours -

    The food tours are one aspect of Washington DC that is often overlooked because of all the other attractions. However, if you are serious about food, then you have to take a food tour. This is a tour that will take you on a culinary tour of DC and definitely worth going on.

  • 6. Newseum -

    If you want to have something fun to do, then you will want to make sure you check out the Newseum. This is very true if you ever wanted to see what you would look like on television. This is a museum dedicated to the news and the history it has provided.

  • 5. Vietnam Veteran Memorial -

    The Wall is a great place to go and reflect on the sacrifices that so many people have given for everyone's freedom. The place is one that is often filled with tears so make sure you bring your Kleenex with you. 

  • 4. National Air And Space Museum -

    This is a place that everyone is going to love. It will take about a day to go through, so make sure you have plenty of time set aside. However, a key attraction you will want to go out and see is one of the space shuttles that has went to space. 

  • 3. National Zoological Park -

    When you think of a zoo you know they are going to be a great place to go. We highly recommend the zoo because it has plenty of animals, the crowds are not that bad, but also because you have a chance to explore the beauty of the city and relax with your kids.

  • 2. Tours of The White House -

    While the tours of the White House are not self guided, they are something you will want to take. The tours will teach you about the history of the White House and how instrumental it has been to our nation. 

  • 1. National Mall -

    The National Mall is one of those picturesque places you are going to fall in love with. It has the reflecting lake, but it also has the monuments and it is laid out perfectly for you to enjoy a great lunch with the tour guides or even by yourself.

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