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Top 7 Things To Do in Great Smoky Mountains

Posted on 15 July 2016 by Kim

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Smoky Mountains

Gatlinburg is a great city and a tourist city. However, the main reason why it has come to rise in popularity if they are literally the footsteps of the Smokies. With that being said, a lot of people will head out to the national park. Since they are generally going to head out to the park, people should know the top 7 things to do in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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  • 7. Newfound Gap @NewfoundGapRoad -

    Newfound Gap is a great place to go when you are in the Great Smoky Mountains. This is the area that is the state line between North Carolina and Tennessee. The views you get from here are absolutely stunning and the fact the Appalachian Trail runs right through here makes it very unique and great. 

  • 6. Historic Motor Nature Trail Or Roaring Fork Nature Trail -

    This is one of those trails that is going to go by two names. It goes by Roaring Fork or Historic Motor Nature Trail. What makes this great is the fact this is a location that is right inside of Gatlinburg for the entrance and the exit drops you off on the other side of town. This is a trail that has the perfect blend of historical homes and natural beauty.

  • 5. Abrams Falls Trail @AbramsFalls -

    Seeing a water fall can be a great thing to do, especially when you are in the mountains. What is even better is when you have to take a nature hike to the falls to see the beauty that is present. The first aspect is this gives you some exercise and chance to spot bears and deer. Once you arrive at the falls you will have a great look of the falls and be able to take some great pictures and enjoy the serenity of the beauty.

  • 4. Tremont -

    Tremont is one of the hidden secrets that is going to be a great place for you to take your entire family to. Tremont is one of the areas that was heavily logged before the national park came in, but what is really cool is the fact that some of the rails are still present  and you can learn the history of the area with regards to logging and the trains.

  • 3. Sugarlands Visitor Center -

    When you first go into the park and it is your first time ever being the park you will want to stop by the visitors center. It is going to have all the information you need for getting around in the park, but also answer any questions you have. Something else that is nice is the chance to learn the history of the park from the rangers and staff who is here.

  • 2. Clingman's Dome @ClingmansDome -

    Sometimes you just want to get above everything and have the chance to see the mountain peaks. Clingman's Dome will let you do just that as it is a tower that has a half mile walkway up to it that you can take up to the tower platform. Once you are here you will have a great view that can take your breath away, outside of the fact that you are in the 2nd highest point East of the Mississippi.

  • 1. Cades Cove @CadesCove -

    This is an area that will let you take a step back in time. You will be able to find this is one of the first areas that was settled in Tennessee, but what is very nice is you can hike to some of the first settlers cabins that are maintained by the parks. The views that you get from the pull offs are breathtaking, but what else is nice is all the nature trails that are present in Cades Cove and makes it easier for you to spot the animals you may never see again.

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