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Top 7 Sydney Attractions

Posted on 4 April 2017 by Mike

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Sydney Opera House

Sydney is a beautiful place and it has plenty of things for you to enjoy. However, with so much to do and see what really makes Sydney stand out from the other places that you can go out and see? Well, rest easy because we have made it easy to find the Top 7 Attractions In Sydney. 

  • 7. Saint Mary's Cathedral Sydney -

    You would not really think about a church being a major attraction, but in Sydney it is a great place to go to and see. The cathedral helped to form the backbone of religion in Australia and has even helped to grow the faith. The cathedral itself is a marvel for the architecture that is present and this all combined makes this a great sight to see. 

  • 6. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium @sydney_aquarium -

    Finding out about the sea life can be exciting and a great thing to do. At the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium you have a chance to explore all the different parts of the world in the sea. The best part is the attraction does offer specialized discounts that are going to help you enjoy all the attractions for a reasonable price. 

  • 5. Australian National Maritime Museum @anmmuseum -

    The Australian National Maritime Museum is a place that you will love because of the history that is present in the place. With the 3D theater you will even feel like you are more in the action and enjoy the shows even more while at the museum. 

  • 4. Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney @RGBSydney -

    Located in the heart of Sydney you will find the Royal Botanic Gardens. This is a place with all the flowers and gardens that you will love, but they are laid out in a pattern that will amaze. Throw in the chance to see the skyscrapers in the distance from Sydney and you have a great trip planned out. 

  • 3. Taronga Zoo @tarongazoo -

    If you are a nature love the zoo is going to be a place you want to go to. The Taronga Zoo has multiple species of animals to see, but also has highly trained staff that will educate you about everything at the zoo. Plus the zoo has plenty of programs for the kids to enjoy as well. 

  • 2. Bondi Beach -

    Bondi Beach is a location that is not really in Sydney, but it is in the suburb areas. However, the iconic beach that is present is one of those places that you will fall in love with for the water and the views that you get from Bondi Beach. 

  • 1. Sydney Opera House @SydOperaHouse -

    The Sydney Opera House is one of those places that you are going to love. It is Iconic it is Sydney and it has some of the best shows that you can ever see. Just make sure when you go to find out if they are offering any tours during your visit to make sure you find the best tour. 

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