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Top 7 Steakhouses - Portland

Posted on 19 August 2017 by Nate

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Clydes Prime Rib

Nothing beats having a chance to sit down and enjoy an amazing steak. That is very true when traveling because it generally means you are going to eat out more and at places that you normally would never try before. With that being the case, we have decided it was time to rank the top 7 steak houses in Portland.

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  • 7. Acropolis Club @AcropolisPDX -

    Acropolis is a place for the adults to go to as it is a steakhouse combined with a strip club. So the steaks are actually fairly reasonable as the place makes money in other ways. The steak that you will like the most from Acropolis is the House Special. 

  • 6. Sayler's Old Country Kitchen @saylerssteak -

    Sayl'er's is a beautiful place and definitely a place that you are going to enjoy. The place has some great steaks and the preparation is more along the traditional methods, instead of being in any other methods. The best steak on the menu is the 8 ounce filet that is out of this world. 

  • 5. Ringside Steakhouse @RingSideSteakhouse -

    A place with an amazing fireplace in the dining room is a great option, but the coziness of the dining room is something else that is great. What is really nice about the place is the steaks are amazing and out of this world. What we really like outside of the excellent food is the fact they have Hennessy Imperial to drink.

  • 4. Laurelhurst Market @LaurelhurstMarket -

    Laurelhurst is a great place that you are going to enjoy because it has an on site butcher shop, but this just makes it easier for you to have a steak made for you at the market, but have one to go. Either way the selection of steak cuts is wide, but the quality and taste is out of this world. 

  • 3. Urban Farmer @urbanfarmerpdx -

    Urban Farmer is a great place and the food is generally fresh and local! That is going to allow you to get a true taste for the food in the area as local food is not always grain fed and this makes it easier to see what the region offers in the way of food. The strip steaks you can get from here are amazing. 

  • 2. Portland City Grill @PortlandCityGrill -

    Portland City Grill is a place that is amazing and the menu is so robust that the location has made our lists of places to go in Portland several times. The steaks are somewhat unique in the fact they have a twist of the Pacific Northwest and Asian style.

  • 1. Clydes Prime Rib Restaurant @Clydes-Prime-Rib-Restaurant-Bar -

    Clyde's is an amazing place that has some of the best combination of a bar and restaurant that you will find. The place has some amazing food and great dishes that are going to go along great with the drinks as well. The best steak you can get from here is the amazing rib eye steaks. 

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