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Top 7 Steakhouses - Chicago

Posted on 13 May 2017 by Pam

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Gibsons Steakhouse

Chicago is a great city and it is definitely one that you are going to be completely lost if you do not have any great ideas on where to eat, then you will want to know about all the best places to go to. That even includes the top 7 steakhouses that we have rated here. 

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  • 7. Boeufhaus @Boeufhaus -

    Boeufhaus is a great location that has a lot of different choices for the food you are going to get. The place has a wide and varied menu with several different cooking methods available. Our favorite dish from Boeufhaus is 55 Day Dry Aged ribeye. 

  • 6. Bavette's Bar & Boeuf @Bavettes-Bar-Boeuf -

    The wood and brick setting that is here is going to be something you will love. This is a location that has great food and a New American style of menu that gives you the great choices of food you need. The meal that we love is going to be the steak and frites. 

  • 5. Texas de Brazil @texasdebrazil -

    When you are looking at the Texas de Brazil you will notice it is going to bring in a touch of the Brazilian steakhouses to Chicago. The location is upscale and a great one to visit, but you will really love the meal that has the filet mignon with the bacon. 

  • 4. Gene and Georgetti @Gene_Georgetti -

    An Italian setting restaurant with Italian steak food can be a good combination. This is a great restaurant that makes it easier for you to get the great food and combinations that you will love. Our favorite food from the menu is the broiled T-Bone for two. 

  • 3. Chicago Chop House @ChicagoChopHouse -

    If you want to run into some local Chicago celebrities you will want to go to the Chicago Chop House. This restaurant is in a restored and remodeled brownstone that is great to see. The menu item that we love the most is the dry aged grand cut of the New York Strip steaks. 

  • 2. Chicago Cut Steakhouse @chicagocut -

    This is a beautiful steakhouse that you are going to enjoy if you want a great steak with a view. The steakhouse is one that is going to overlook the river and provide you with an iPad wine list. The menu item we love the most is the marinated skirt steak. 

  • 1. Gibsons Bar And Grill @GibsonsSteak -

    Gibsons is easily the best location to go for a steak. The servings you can find are large, the food is perfectly seasoned, and the dishes are amazing. Our personal favorite is the prime rib that you can get from Gibsons. 

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