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Top 7 Steak Restaurants in Gatlinburg

Posted on 14 July 2016 by Kim

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cherokee grill

Gatlinburg is a tourist hot spot because of where it is located. However, it also makes it easier for people to get away and enjoy some great food. Get out top 7 steakhouses in and around Gatlinburg. Yes, we know some of these are not located just in Gatlinburg but short drive is well worth it to get great Steak.

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  • 7. Blaine's Grill & Bar @blainesgrillbar -

    Blaine's is well known as a great burger joint, but it does have great steaks as well. Blaine's is going to be a place that is centrally located and a great atmosphere for both kids and adults alike.

  • 6. Crystelle Creek Restaurant @CrystelleCreek -

    This is a restaurant that has managed to have some great food come out, but it is also a location that has wood fired steaks. Crystelle Creek steaks because they are wood fired have an amazing flavor. Also for the non red meat eaters known as maybe the best trout entree in Gatlinburg.

  • 5. Calhoun's Restaurant @calhouns -

    Calhoun's is a location that has been known for the atmosphere, the covered outdoor eating area is so tranquil. Our favorite is the Steak and Shrimp combo, and even though Calhoun's is not just a steak restaurant you won't know it by the taste of their steaks.

  • 4. Alamo Steakhouse -

    Large steaks is what the Alamo is well known for, but what else they are known for is the fact the sides are large enough to match the steaks as well. Eating here you will not leave hungry and add to it the great flavors what a combination.

  • 3. Greenbrier Restaurant -

    A honey log-cabin type of setting is what you are going to be welcomed with here. This is a location that you can easily fall in love with just by the setting. Year in year out known for one of top 5 Restaurants in Gatlinburg and the great Steak and Seafood is the star of the show. Greenbrier has great New York Strip with a 28 day aged steak is just right for perfect flavor.

  • 2. The Peddler Steakhouse @thepeddlersteakhouse -

    The Peddler Steakhouse has some of the premier cuts of steak from the Filet to the Prime Rib is what Peddler is know for as without a doubt one of the best Prime Rib in Gatlinburg or Smoky Mountains. However if you don't like meat don't worry Peddler Steakhouse also has some of the freshest and best tasting Rainbow Trout.

  • 1. Cherokee Grill & Steakhouse @Cherokee_Grill -

    The Cherokee Grill & Steakhouse is one of those places that you are really going to want to eat at. The place has the perfect atmosphere that is balanced out with great food. Cherokee Grill takes into account the allergy sensitivities of some people and has a gluten free menu for people who cannot eat gluten food. Best steak in Gatlinburg and great atmosphere.

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