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Top 7 Steak Houses - St. Louis

Posted on 4 October 2017 by Cameron

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Kreis Steakhouse

If you are like me, traveling often means finding new places to eat no matter the price. However, if you are also like me, you want to have recommendations on where you can eat at and when it comes to steak you do not want to have that screwed up at all. Since this is the case, I have decided it was time to talk about the top 7 steakhouses in Saint Louis. 

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  • 7. Sam's Steakhouse @SamsSteakhouseSTL -

    Sam's Steakhouse is a very upscale location that has managed to get some of the best atmosphere around for it being so upscale. What is really nice about Sam's is the great selection of prime rib that is available for you to pick from.

  • 6. Gamlin Whiskey House @GamlinWhiskeyHouse -

    A steakhouse with a very simple decor is what you get from Gamlin Whiskey House. This place has a great selection of whiskey and it is definitely a place you will like eating at time and time again. Our favorite dish from Gamlin's is the flank steak with chimichurri sauce.

  • 5. The Block @theblockcwe -

    The Block is a great place for fresh meats as they do all the butchering of the meat on site. This means you are going to get a steak that was cut just a little bit before you arrived, which is the freshest you can get. The steak that is the best to have is the ribeye. 

  • 4. Annie Gunn's Restaurant @smokehousemarket -

    Annie Gunn's is a place that has managed to stand head and shoulders above some for the selection of meat. In fact, Annie Gunn's has a rotating selection of American Wagyu and Kobe beef from Japan which make this place a smashing success with quality beef.

  • 3. 801 Chophouse @801ChophouseSTL -

    A place with the white table clothes and all the fixings of a fine dining restaurant is what you get here at 801 Chophouse. The place has some amazing steaks and a wide selection of seafood as well. What is amazing is getting your steak made with a cajun rub on it. 

  • 2. Tuckers Steakhouse @tuckersplace -

    Tuckers Steakhouse is a lot more than just a place that will sling meat to your table. It has something for everyone in the family. The location has some great pizza, but the steak is easily the prize of the meal because it is grilled and cooked to perfection each time, but with the house salad you have a meal that is very filling. 

  • 1. Kreis' Steakhouse @KreisRestaurant -

    If you want to go to a place that has a great club type of feel to it, but world famous prime rib, then you need to go to Kreis Steakhouse. This is a place that has some of the best food around and it is definitely a place that is going to standout from the other places that you can eat at because of the prime rib.

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