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Top 7 Seafood Restaurants - Phoenix

Posted on 24 November 2017 by Shannon

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Angry Crab Shack

Finding the best seafood place in Phoenix may seem like it could be a major challenge, well that is partially true as the city is in the middle of the dessert. This is why I have decided to go out and have some great seafood by finding all the seafood restaurants that I could locate in Phoenix. So here is the list of the top 7 seafood restaurants in Phoenix.

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  • 7. Pete's Fish and Chips @Petes-Fish-Chips -

    This is a cash only business, at least when we visited, which can be a downer at times. However, the place is well worth it as the food is amazing and the speed which you get the food is amazing as well. I personally love the fish and chips from here. 

  • 6. Ocean Prime @oceanprimephoenix -

    This is a location that is very upscale and has an amazing decor you can find very relaxing. The place has some great food to go along with the menu and wine list as well. The oysters you get from Ocean Prime are simply delish. 

  • 5. Knock Kneed Lobster @Knock-Kneed-Lobster -

    When you step into Knock Kneed you may think you have stepped into England or a fishing wharf. However, you are still in Phoenix, but you will love ordering the fish and chips from here. 

  • 4. Taylor's Chowder House @Taylors-Chowder-House -

    Taylor's Chowder House is a place that has a great atmosphere and a lot of history that it can build upon. The place is amazing and what is even better is the fact this is a place that has some great New England Chowder.

  • 3. San Carlos Bay @San-Carlos-Bay -

    San Carlos Bay is a place that has some amazing views with the beauty of water, yes water, surrounding the place and it will give you an almost island like feel. What is really great off of the menu from here is the Mexican seafood. 

  • 2. Little Cleo's Seafood Legend @LittleCleos -

    A very stylish and trendy location you can find here at Little Cleo's. The place has some amazing food and excellent dishes for you to enjoy as well. What is really great about Little Cleo's is the fact this place has some great grilled octopus.

  • 1. Angry Crab Shack & BBQ @angrycrabphoenix -

    While this is not your traditional style of seafood restaurant, it is one you will like because it has a down home type of feel to it. The place has some great food and amazing atmosphere. What I love is the chance to pick your own sauce for the king crab.

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