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Top 7 Seafood Restaurants - Louisville

Posted on 20 July 2017 by Todd

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Mike Linnings Louisville

Louisville is not a place that you would exactly think about when it comes to seafood. However, you will quickly find the city has quite a few seafood restaurants for you to enjoy and have fun at with the atmosphere. This is why we have ranked the top 7 seafood restaurants in Louisville. 

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  • 7. The Silver Dollar @TheSilverDollarLouisville -

    The Silver Dollar is a place that has some of the best whiskey we can find and it is a whiskey bar. However, the place has a very lively atmosphere that is safe as well, which is different than a lot of bars. What we love from The Silver Dollar is the Rainbow Trout. 

  • 6. The Fish House @The-Fish-HouseCafe-Beignet -

    The Fish House is a place you will find as being a laid back location, but also a great location you will enjoy as well because of the food. The Fish House is definitely a place you will like for the fried fish as well. What we love about The Fish House is the catfish that is stunning. 

  • 5. Mitchell's Fish Market @FishMarketLouisville -

    Mitchell's Fish Market is a fantastic place that has some of the best seafood you can find. The place does have a kind of chain type of feel to it, but it is a place you are going to enjoy. The fish market does have some of the best jumbo beer battered shrimp that we have ever had. 

  • 4. Seviche @sevicherestaurant -

    Seviche is a great Latin style restaurant you will love because it has some great food to enjoy and a fantastic, upscale, but laid back atmosphere. The dish that is really good from here is the Mahi Tacos. 

  • 3. Ramsi's Cafe On The World @ramsiscafeontheworld -

    Ramsi's is a place you will love because it has a great cafe feel to it, but also a fantastic selection of seafood. The dish that we love from Ramsi's is the Ahi Tuna because it is a very good dish to enjoy with friends.

  • 2. Irish Rover @The-Irish-Rover -

    When you are looking for a great location you will enjoy the Irish Rover. This is a place that has some of the best food around, but also a great beer selection as well. When you are at the Irish Rover you have to try the fish and chips. 

  • 1. Mike Linning's @mikelinnigs -

    Mike Linning's is a seafood place that takes it fins above some of the other places that you are going to go out and visit. The place has great meal options and makes it easier for you to enjoy the food as a family, what is even better are the platters that are huge and affordable. The dish we love from Mike Linning's is the frog legs, though. 

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