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Top 7 Seafood Restaurants In New Orleans

Posted on 18 January 2017 by Larry

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Dragoos Seafood Oysters

Being in New Orleans you are at the location where the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico meet. This location often means their is plenty of fresh seafood available to enjoy. At top 7 travel, we know that fresh seafood is a great meal and we have taken the guesswork out of finding the best seafood restaurant in New Orleans . 

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  • 7. Oceana Grill @oceanagrill -

    A great location with excellent food available until late make Oceana a great destination. Not to mention Oceana is near the Mardi Gras trail and it is easy to see why Oceana is so popular. 

  • 6. GW Fins @gwfins -

    GW Fins provides you with a great selection of traditional style of fish dishes, but also dishes with a Cajun twist. Throw in the fact that you can get different dishes outside of fish at GW Fins it will be easy to see this is a great restaurant to eat at.

  • 5. Cajun Seafood @CajunSeafood on Facebook -

    The name even says Cajun seafood and the restaurant definitely gives you the perfect Cajun food. The restaurant even serves up one of the Bayou's traditional dishes in the crawfish that so many people overlook.

  • 4. Superior Seafood and Oyster Bar @superiornola -

    From shellfish to tuna you will find it here. The Superior Seafood and Oyster Bar even addresses the meat lovers. All of the food is fresh and taste great at the restaurant, but throw in the beautiful location and you have a great seafood restaurant to eat at in New Orleans.

  • 3. Peche Seafood Grill @pechenola -

    Not many restaurants can brag about winning two James Beard awards. However, that is exactly what Peche seafood grill can brag about. Peche restaurant has won the best new restaurant, but also the head chef has won the best chef south. All of those awards combined with top quality food make this restaurant a must try.

  • 2. Harbor Seafood & Oyster Bar @theharborseafoodoysterbar on Facebook -

    Nothing beats getting fresh local seafood and Harbor Seafood & Oyster bar knows this. They have been serving the best local seafood for the past 30 years and they have an ever expanding seasonal menu you will simply fall in love with the great food.

  • 1. Drago's Seafood @DragosSeafood -

    The place we must hit in every visit to New Orleans is Drago's Seafood and it never disappoints. Drago's have seafood gumbos, grilled fish, stuffed catch of the day, and even fried fish. All of these choices make it hard to decide on our favorite Drago's fish dish, but for sure their is something for anyone in the family.

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