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Top 7 Restaurants - Sydney

Posted on 8 April 2017 by Mike

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Sydney is a great location that is well known for famous beaches and beautiful scenery. However, one thing you need to realize is Sydney has some great food as well to enjoy. With that being said, we have ranked the top 7 restaurants in Sydney so you can enjoy the beautiful town. 

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  • 7. Cafe Sydney @CafeSydney -

    Cafe Sydney is a place that has a commanding view of the harbor and is definitely going to allow you to feel at ease as the place is on the rooftop and has some great food. Our personal favorite menu dish from Cafe Sydney is the suckling pork belly that is sure to amaze you with the taste profile that it has.

  • 6. Gowings Bar and Grill @GowingsBarandGrill -

    Gowings follows the European style of food that a lot of people will be comfortable eating. However, it is a place that you are going to enjoy because of the wood fired rotisserie. Our personal favorite dish from the menu is the awesome crab cakes.

  • 5. The Bridge Room @TheBridgeRoom -

    The Bridge Room is a great place that is located in a completely renovated building from the 1930's. However, the food is not in need of any renovation as it has the modern Australian cuisine in place. We tend to opt for the two course meal from the restaurant as it fills us up quite well. 

  • 4. China Doll @chinadollsydney -

    China Doll is a place that is going to make you feel like you are in Asia, instead of Australia. The food is a modern take on the Asian cuisine and will make your mouth water with the flavor explosions you get. Our favorite dish from the China Doll restaurant is the Whole Steamed Market fish that is amazing. 

  • 3. Nel Restaurants @nelrestaurant -

    Nel is going to take your dining experience to the next level and make sure you are going to enjoy the food that Sydney has to offer for you to enjoy. Our personal favorite dish from Nel is the tasting at lunch menu, which is not to heavy, but perfectly balanced for great food and an elegant experience of the Australian food.

  • 2. Ester Restaurant @ester_au -

    A wood fired oven is a great thing to have in a kitchen, but at Ester they take this to the next level. They have a great menu that supports the cooking that is available at the location as well. The dining experience is second to none at Ester's. Our favorite menu item is the flank steak that is prepared to divine tasting. 

  • 1. Aria @ariasydney -

    Aria is a place that has the traditional Australian cuisine, but with some modern twist put into the food. What is really cool about the location is the glass walled dining room that does not detract from the place at all. Our personal favorite item from the menu is the chef's personal tasting menu, that is expensive, but well worth the cost.

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