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Top 7 Restaurants - Seattle

Posted on 2 April 2017 by Carrie

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Seattle is a great city and one that once you visit it once, you will want to go back to see it time and time again. However, what you need to realize is you will want to find the best restaurants to eat at to have a great time. To assist you we have rated the top 7 restaurants in Seattle. 

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  • 7. Tilth Restaurant @mariahines -

    This is another New American style restaurant and one that you will really like to eat at as the food has a modern twist, but the location has a great feel to it that you will love. Not to mention this is a restaurant that uses the organic cuisine as much as possible to enhance your eating pleasure. Our favorite dish from the restaurant is the housemade Gnocchi. 

  • 6. Lark @larkseattle -

    Lark is a New American style of restaurant that you will like. The place has some of the classic dishes, but with a modern twist to them that matches the newer style of food. The dish that we tend to gravitate towards is the Venison Loin that has some of the best food possible. 

  • 5. Wild Ginger @WildGingerSea -

    Asian food is going to have a great place in Seattle as the city is only a short nine hour flight  from Japan. However, this is a Satay bar that you are going to love and once you eat at the place once, will want to go back time and time again. Our favorite menu item comes from the satay bar and that is nothing other than the delicious Kobe beef.

  • 4. Altura @alturarestaurant -

    Altura is a place that takes traditional Italian food and makes it one of the most upscale meals that you are going to find. While this may seem a little odd, when you are in Altura the atmosphere may even feel like it propels you to Italy. Our favorite menu item from Altura is the set meal, but you need to realize you need time as dinner can run long here. 

  • 3. Andaluca @andaluca -

    If you like the Mediterranean style of dishes then you will love the food that you are going to get here. This is a restaurant that has some of the classic dishes that you would want to have, but also know they are going to be prepared properly. Our favorite dish from Andaluca is the Petit Rib Roast.

  • 2. Palisade @PalisadeSea -

    Palisade is a great seafood restaurant that you will adore when you are in Seattle, where fresh seafood is abundant. We do have to admit, Palisade does have some great steaks as well. Our personal favorite dish from Palisade is the Cedar Plank Roasted Wild Columbia River King Salmon. 

  • 1. Canlis @Canlis.Seattle -

    Canlis is a restaurant that has a mixture of seafood and meat dishes that you are going to love. The restaurant is more of an American style of place, but the food will allow you to be transported to almost anywhere in the world. You just have to realize the way the dishes are served is different than what you may be used to seeing. 

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