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Top 7 Restaurants - Phoenix

Posted on 23 October 2017 by Shannon

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True Food Kitchen

Phoenix is an amazing city and definitely a place you will want to visit at least once in your life. When you are traveling, though, you need to make sure you find the right place to eat at and know what you are going to get when you step foot in the restaurant. Since this is the case, I have went out and tried quite a few restaurants and came up with the top 7 restaurants in Phoenix.

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  • 7. Hillstone Biltmore Restaurant @HillstoneBiltmore -

    An upscale American style restaurant is what you will get at Hillstone. The place has some amazing steaks and seafood. The one dish I cannot live without when I go to Hillstone is the Ahi Tuna Burger. 

  • 6. L'amore Italian Ristorante @lamoreristorante -

    Italian food is found in all parts of the country and in Phoenix we have the L'amore Italian Ristorante. This place is amazing and has some great Italian food and I have to say the Chicken Parm is amazing. 

  • 5. Taco Guild Gastropub @TacoGuild -

    When you are in Phoenix with the close position to Mexico you know Mexican cuisine will be among the tops. Taco Guild does not disappoint in this regard. They have managed to get some of the best food around and we really love the lamb on the corn tortilla. 

  • 4. Little Miss BBQ @littlemissbbq -

    Little Miss BBQ will make you forget about the Phoenix heat and make you think you are in Texas. The place has an atmosphere that makes you think quite a bit about Texas. However, the BBQ is out of this world and may take you to Nashville. The beef short ribs are simply great here. 

  • 3. Tarbell's @TarbellsRestaurant -

    If you want to go to a very upscale American style restaurant then you cannot bypass Tarbell's. The place is simply amazing and definitely a place you will enjoy for the upscale and posh atmosphere. The Scotch Beef and Pepper Steak are the top on the menu choices for me. 

  • 2. The Arrogant Butcher @TheArrogantButcher -

    Serving the New American style of food you will find The Arrogant Butcher to be a great place to go out and enjoy some great food. The place has some amazing menu choices to go along with the atmosphere that is conducive to eating. The dinner meals are amazing, but you have to get the salted caramel desserts that are out of this world. 

  • 1. True Food Kitchen @TrueFoodKitchen -

    True Food Kitchen is a very chic and well established restaurant that tends to follow the healthier American style of food. The place has some amazing menu options and it definitely has some good vegan options as well. Now, it is hard to narrow down the favorite menu option, but if you have a chance to get the seasonal salad, I would highly recommend this as an option.

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