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Top 7 Restaurants - Napa Valley

Posted on 1 April 2017 by Mary

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Napa Valley Bistro

Napa Valley is a great vacation destination and it is one place that we really love going to. However, when we are in Napa Valley we want to know where to get some great food. With that being said, here is your chance to explore the Top 7 Restaurants In Napa Valley. 

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  • 7. Grace's Table @gracestable -

    Graces Table is a place that you are going to fall in love with. It has all the charm you would want to have, but also the cuisine that is stunning as they tend to take you on a global food trip in Napa Valley. Our personal favorite from the menu is the Tombo Tuna, which is a stunning preparation that we love.

  • 6. Cole's Chop House @coleschophouse -

    Cole's is a place that stands out in Napa Valley for having some of the best steaks around. We personally love the atmosphere of the restaurant as well and how great it is. Our personal favorite dish is the Black Angus Ribeye steak that we love to sink our teeth into.

  • 5. Morimoto Napa @MorimotoNapa -

    Morimoto is a great name if you love Japanese food. Most people recognize the name with the Iron Chef and they are not disappointed when they eat here. Our favorite dish is the braised octopus that we have not had taste this good since we were in Japan. 

  • 4. Long Meadow Ranch @LMRwine -

    The farm to table trend is great and here at Long Meadow Ranch you get fresh foods all the time and on top of that the dishes are prepared perfectly. Our favorite dish from here is the California Arborio Rice. 

  • 3. Bottega @ChefChiarello -

    Bottega is another Italian restaurant in Napa Valley. However, it is more along the lines of the rustic or traditional style that we see all over the place. We do love the celebrity chef owner though and our favorite menu item is the Ricotta Gnocchi della Nonna. 

  • 2. Allegria @NapaAllegria -

    Allegria is a great Italian restaurant that we absolutely love in Napa Valley. This place has it going for it from the atmosphere to the food we love it. Our favorite dish Cappellini Pomodoro with the free range chicken added in. 

  • 1. Napa Valley Bistro @NVBistro -

    This is a great location that is trendy, hip, and has a modern American cuisine type of menu that is to die for. The menu is even very light and refreshing as well. Our favorite dish from the Napa Valley Bistro is the Kobe Flat Iron Steak, which is prepared perfectly for our taste buds.

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