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Top 7 Restaurants - Jamaica

Posted on 23 May 2017 by Jerry

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Zimbalis Mountain Cooking

Jamaica is a very beautiful island to visit and sometimes paradise at sea. So this is going to be a great place for you to vacation to and know you will have a vacation that is second to none. You just have to make sure you know about the top 7 restaurants in Jamaica to visit to ensure you eat some great food.

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  • 7. Rockhouse @rockhouse.hotel -

    *Rockhouse is a great place that has a fantastic atmosphere for you to enjoy. The food and the hotel combined make this place one of luxury that you are sure to love and enjoy for a long period of time. The food is simply amazing and it is so good that we could not really narrow down our favorite dish from the menu.

  • 6. Juici-Beef Patties @juicipattiesjm -

    Juici-Beef is a great place that you are going to fall in love with. However, this is a place that is more of the fast food style place that you are going to enjoy. Our personal favorite dish from the restaurant is the beef  patties they make in house. 

  • 5. Blue Mahoe @TheSPARetreat -

    Blue Mahoe has some of the best views in Jamaica as it overlooks the beautiful sea surrounding the island. Overall, the views combined with the food make this a great place to go out to and eat at. Our favorite dish from the breakfast menu is the two eggs and bacon from this five star restaurant. 

  • 4. Scotchies @Scotchies -

    Scotchies is a place that has a sketchy type of look to the outside of it, but it is a place that has friendly staff and great food. A lot of times the place can be crowded because of the great food. Our personal favorite dish for the family is to order a whole chicken which allows everyone to eat. 

  • 3. Just Natural @JustNaturalNegril -

    Just Natural is a location that is going to give you the best Jamaican style food possible at a great price. What is even better is this is a location that believes in the farm to table movement and sources almost all of its food locally. Our favorite dish from Just Natural is the bean and cheese burrito. 

  • 2. Don Pablo -

    Don Pablo is a great location that has more of the French and European style of cuisine that you are going to love. The restaurant has some great food that you will enjoy as well as the duck is the dish that we tend to love from Don Pablo. 

  • 1. Zimbali's Mountain Cooking @zimbali.retreats.7 -

    Zimbali's is a place that you will love because of the location that has some of the great food that you will ever want to eat. At Zimbali's in addition to the great atmosphere you will notice the food is out of this world and is in a set course type of menu, but you MUST make reservations. 

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