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Top 7 Restaurants In Washington D.C.

Posted on 26 February 2017 by Adam

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Founding Farmers

Restaurants are a key to having a great vacation, because you normally would not want to cook while traveling. With that being the case, you often want to eat only at the best restaurants in the town you are staying in. This is when you should know, like we do, about the Top 7 Restaurants in Washington D.C. 

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  • 7. Komi @Komi -

    Komi is a restaurant that has a fixed price seafood based menu. The menu comes out at over a hundred bucks a person, but the meals are great and with the number of dishes you get you are not going to leave the restaurant hungry. 

  • 6. Rasika Restaurant West End @Rasika-West-End -

    Rasika is an Indian restaurant that takes this ancient food and puts a modern twist on the food. The food is great and elegant and still makes you think of dinner in New Delhi, instead of D.C. Our favorite dish here is the Black Cod which comes out perfectly for this being a fish dish. 

  • 5. Jaleo @jaleo -

    Jaleo will make you think you have ventured to Spain with the excellent Spanish dishes that are served here. Our favorite meat here is the fantastic 36 month cured Spanish Ham and that is the Jamon iberico Fermin that has the perfect meat taste.

  • 4. Fiola Mare @fiolamaredc -

    Italian is one dish that we almost all can agree is a comfort food. Fiola Mare takes the Italian food a step above and makes the food that any Italian mother would be proud to call their own. Our favorite dish from Fiola Mare is the Gragnano Spaghetti, which has the perfect blend of seasoning and pasta to make the perfect dish. 

  • 3. Le Diplomate @starrrestaurant -

    Le Diplomate as the name tells you is a French style of restaurant that you are going to fall in love with. With the classic French cooking you cannot go wrong. Our personal favorite dish from Le Diplomate is Duck A L'Orange, which is cooked to perfection each time you decide to order it. 

  • 2. 1789 Restaurant @the_89 -

    1789 Restaurant, is an American style restaurant, located in an older Federal home, but also sources all of their food local, which makes them a close second to the Founding Fathers. This restaurant has a lot going for it, but our personal favorite dish is really hard to tell as the menu is fairly seasonal, but the Beef Tenderloin is a favorite of ours. 

  • 1. Founding Fathers @FoundingFarmers -

    We love local food and that is what you get at Founding Fathers. This is a restaurant owned by the farmers in the region, but also has some great food and a nice name. The favorite dish we like at this variety style of restaurant is the Boneless Ribeye, which is easily the best steak we have had in a long time. 

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