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Top 7 Restaurants In Portland

Posted on 23 February 2017 by Nate

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Toro Bravo

Portland is a beautiful city, but it is also a city that has plenty of options when it comes to food. The selection of restaurants in Portland is quite large, though, and can make it hard to decide where to eat at. To help make the choice easier we have narrowed down the Top 7 Restaurants in Portland. 

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  • 7. Mucca Osteria @MuccaOsteria -

    Mucca is a great location for Italian food. The food you get from Mucca Osteria is often some of the best Italian food you can find. The dish we love from Mucca Osteria is coming from the dessert menu and it is the Cioccolatino. 

  • 6. OX @oxpdx -

    OX is a great restaurant that provides you with the Northwestern style of food, but with an Argentinian twist. Our favorite dish on the menu from Ox is the Asado Argentino that is meant for two, but we have definitely found this to be a great dish that can feed two, but sometimes enjoy by ourselves. 

  • 5. Nicholas Restaurant @nicholasrstrnt -

    Nicholas Restaurant is actually located in Portland two times. One of them is a Mediterranean style of restaurant. The dish that we really enjoy at Nicholas is the meat stuffed grape leaves. Yes, it is an appetizer, but it is such a classic dish that we cannot go without it.

  • 4. Coquine @CoquinePDX -

    Coquine is a great New American style of restaurant that everyone is going to love. The food and the atmosphere is great for the entire family. At Coquine the favorite dish that you will want to try out is the Pumpkin Soup that is perfectly balanced and ready for you to eat at any second. 

  • 3. Nostrana @Nostrana -

    Nostrana is easily one of the best Italian restaurants we have eaten at. The location has some great Italian food that you are going to enjoy, but make sure you have saved room for dessert as the Tiramisu is going to be mindblowing. 

  • 2. Screen Door Portland @Screendoor-Restaurant -

    Screen Door is a restaurant that we really love. It is going to have some of the Southern style cooking that you would want to have. However, the food is stunning and our favorite dish from the Screen Door is nothing more than the simple buttermilk fried chicken. 

  • 1. Toro Bravo @ToroBravoPDX -

    Toro Bravo is a place that has some of the best Spanish dishes that we have ever eaten before. The dishes are available on a rotating basis so you get a dish that is different than what you may have gotten the time before. Our favorite dish is the House Bacon & Manchego Burger that provides you with the great food you want to eat.

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