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Top 7 Restaurants In Chicago 2017

Posted on 2 March 2017 by Pam

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Smoque BBQ

When you are in the Windy City, you know that one thing they are known for having is great food. The problem is their are so many great restaurants to pick from it can seem impossible to narrow down which one you should be eating at. Now you can breath a sigh of relief as we have ranked the Top 7 Restaurants In Chicago. 

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  • 7. Riccardo Trattoria @RTrattoria -

    Riccardo Trattoria is a great Italian restaurant that makes you think you are in Italy. The food is excellent and the best part is they have revolving specials of the day. Either way when we come to Riccardo we always look at the special of the day for the dish we are going to enjoy. 

  • 6. Frontera Grill @frontera_grill -

    Mexican food taken to the next level is a great dish and it is one that is best served here. Frontera Grill has some great food that is in the Mexican style, but has a modern twist on it. Our favorite dish from here is the Oaxacan Carne Asada which is a red chile marinated Prime Ribeye steak that is cooked to perfection. 

  • 5. Nico Osteria @NicoRestaurantChicago -

    Nico Osteria is a great Italian restaurant for you to enjoy. The restaurant is located in a hotel, which makes it easier for travelers who are on the go. Our favorite dish off of the menu is the Crispy Heritage Chicken with the sunchoke farrotto, black olive, grape, and date vinegar a filling meal. 

  • 4. Tru @RestaurantTru -

    Tru is a restaurant that has the classical French feel to it, but with the modern menu twist that you are going to love. What really makes Tru a great restaurant to go out and eat at is the fact they have a fixed price menu. This allows you to have a great choice of French dishes for a single price, but we personally recommend the Scottish Salmon dish off of the menu. 

  • 3. Momotaro @MomotaroChicago -

    Japanese food would definitely be something you will want to try. However, this is definitely the case if you are near Momotaro. Our favorite dish from the Japanese themed restaurant is the Tuna Zuke, which is big eye tuna marinated in soy served on a shiso-sesame rice. 

  • 2. Au Cheval @aucheval -

    Au Cheval, is an American style, place that has a classic diner type of feel to it, but has some great food as well. The food that you get from here is great and in some cases world famous. The main dish that we love here is the General Jane's fried chicken.

  • 1. Smoque BBQ @SmoqueBBQ -

    Smoque is a place that tops our list because they do not cater to everyone. They are just about the smoked meats and BBQ. With that being the case, they have perfected this food and make it perfect each time. Our personal favorite comes from the pulled pork either as a platter or on its own, it is perfect each time. 

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