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Top 7 Restaurants for 2017 - Los Angeles

Posted on 14 June 2017 by Jose

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il pastaio

Los Angeles is a beautiful city and it definitely has quite a bit for you to do. However, when your stomach starts to grumble you should know it has plenty of restaurants for you to select from. This is why you should know we have rated the top 7 restaurants in Los Angeles. 

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  • 7. Mastros @Mastros-Restaurants-Steakhouse-Beverly-Hills -

    While Los Angeles has a lot of restaurants not all of them are steakhouses. This is a location that has been able to give everyone some of quality steaks they want to eat. Our personal favorite from Mastros is the medium-rare Bone-In Ribeye. 

  • 6. Tavern @tavernlosangeles -

    Tavern is a place that has a very stately rooster standing guard of the entrance. However, the Tavern restaurant is one that has quite a few things for people to enjoy from the bakery to the restaurant. What we really love is the stunning rack of lamb.

  • 5. Spago @SpagoBeverlyHills -

    Spago is a restaurant that was completely revamped by Wolfgang Puck. Since the revamping has been completed the restaurant has been skyrocketing in the fame that it has and the quality. The food that we love from Spago, which is an all around restaurant, is the Tempura Softshell Crab.

  • 4. Sugarfish @sugarfishsushi -

    Sugarfish is a great location that you will love with the great sushi dishes that are present. Not only that Sugarfish is a great place that has the sushi the stars seem to love. Our favorite dish from Sugarfish is the tuna sashimi. 

  • 3. Il Pastaio @IlPastaioBH -

    Il Pastaio is a place that you are going to have a chance to enjoy some great Italian food. However, what else is great about Il Pastaio is the fact that you can enjoy having a chance to spot celebrities. Our favorite dish from here is Ossobuco. 

  • 2. Hamasaku @Hamasaku -

    Hamasaku is a great restaurant that is going to be a great stop for sushi. At Hamasaku you will love the fact the atmosphere is relaxed and that is nice for a Los Angeles restaurant. Our favorite dish from Hamasaku is the Tsukune.

  • 1. Dan Tana's @dantanasrestaurant -

    Dan Tana's is a great restaurant that has a traditional Italian style type of flair to it and this makes it easier for you to get the great food and know it is going to work perfect for what you need. The dish that we love from here is the Spaghetti with meatballs. 

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