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Top 7 Restaurants - Boston

Posted on 25 April 2017 by Kim

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Legal Harborside

Boston is a beautiful city by the sea. However, Boston is also a town that you are going to realize has a lot of restaurants that you want to eat at and enjoy. With that being the case you should make sure you are aware of the top 7 restaurants in Boston to enjoy. 

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  • 7. No. 9 Park @No9ParkBOS -

    A French Cuisine is one that has elegance and a great taste that you can only find in France, or a French restaurant like No. 9 Park. While it is expensive, we definitely recommend trying your hand at the chefs tasting menu for the full six courses.

  • 6. Lucca @LuccaBoston -

    Italian food has a strong tradition in Boston and it is easily one of the best foods around. Lucca is another classic Italian place you will fall in love with in Boston. The food that we enjoy from Lucca is the perfectly prepared Lamb Chops. 

  • 5. Yvonnes @Yvonnes -

    Yvonne's is a great supper club that you will really like to eat at. However, with Yvonne's the food is very well refined and definitely something you will enjoy eating as it is the New American tradition. Our favorite dish from Yvonne's is the Niman Ranch Long Bone Ribeye Steak for 2. 

  • 4. Giacomo @GiacomosSouthend -

    Giacomo is a great place that has a flair for some great seafood, but also the red sauce based Italian dishes, both of which are served in plenty of plate full foods that will make your stomach full. Our favorite food from Giacomo is the tenderloin, which hands down beats some of the other more expensive restaurants in Boston. 

  • 3. Grill 23 and Bar @Grill23andBar -

    Grill 23 is a place that will give you the classic look you want and feel of a chophouse that you will enjoy. That is what gives Grill 23 its beauty. Our favorite menu item from Grill 23 is the Wagyu Strip Loin that is grilled to perfection. 

  • 2. Mamma Maria @Mamma-Maria-Restaurant -

    Boston is blessed to have a fine dining Italian restaurant in Mamma Maria. The place has the perfect atmosphere and the great food that you will fall in love with. Our favorite dish from the restaurant is the Clam Pasta. 

  • 1. Legal Harborside @legalseafoods -

    With the sea being so close and the Fishermans Wharf being close by you can count on Boston to have a great seafood restaurant and that is what we have at Legal Harborside. Our favorite dish from Legal Harborside is the fish and chips dish. 

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