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Top 7 Restaurants - Adelaide

Posted on 8 July 2017 by Mike

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Coal and Grill

Adelaide is in Southern Australia, but it is one part of the country that you need to visit. While it is not as well known as Sydney it is still a beautiful area. You just have to make sure you know about the top 7 restaurants in Adelaide while you travel here to enjoy your trip and food.

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  • 7. Social Street S2 @socialstreets2 -

    Social Street is a location you will like because it is more of the Asian style street foods you can just grab and go. The restaurant does provide that type of atmosphere even when the food is cooking. Our favorite menu item is the sea flower.

  • 6. Red Ochre Grill @Red_Ochre_Grill -

    If you want Australian food you can get that anywhere, but if you want Australian food combined with Italian then you need to come to Red Ochre. This is a great restaurant that has combined these two distinct flavors to create a meal that you will not forget. Our favorite menu item from the floating restaurant is the Soy and Ginger Braised Crocodile Ribs. 

  • 5. La Boca Bar And Grill @labocaadelaide -

    Argentina has some great food choices and thankfully La Boca has brought some of those choices to Adelaide in the La Boca Bar and Grill. This restaurant is great and has some great brews on tap as well. The menu item we tend to enjoy from La Boca is the Dry Aged Argentinean Burger. 

  • 4. Windy Point Restaurant @windypointrestaurant -

    Windy Point is a location that has some of the best views possible, but it also combines those views with some great food of the modern Australian cuisine style. Our personal favorite from the restaurant is the Smoky Bay Oyster Five Ways. 

  • 3. Golden Boy @goldenboy309 -

    Being in Australia you know the food is going to have an Asian twist at times. That is what you get at Golden Boy, which is a Thai food restaurant. The location is great with a fantastic atmosphere, but our favorite dish is the Tuk Tuk which is designed for sharing so bring the family! 

  • 2. The Strand Cafe Restaurant @The-Strand-Cafe-Restaurant -

    The Strand is a cafe that has a little bit of something for everyone. The Strand has food that will range from the European style cafe, but in the next menu have you talking about the Modern Australian food. Our personal favorite is the sticky pork.

  • 1. Coal Cellar & Grill @coalcellargrill -

    If you want to have the modern Australian cuisine at a reasonable price in a high end restaurant, then you need to come to Coal Cellar & Grill. The location is top of the line and has some of the most modern Australian food possible. The menu favorite for us is the lamb cutlets.

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