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Top 7 Resort Hotels - Seattle

Posted on 5 April 2018 by Erica

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Cedarbook Lodge

When you travel to Seattle, you need to realize it is not a big resort type of location like you would find in Myrtle Beach or Las Vegas. Instead, it is a more down to earth type of resort hotels that you can enjoy as a family. We know it is hard to find the best hotels around, though, which is why we have went out and ranked the top 7 resort hotels in Seattle. 

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  • 7. Loews Hotel 1000 @ -

    A great location that is very well thought out is a good thing and that is exactly what you get to experience at this place. What is really great is the fact they recently remodeled this location to make it one of the best in Seattle. 

  • 6. Kimpton Alexis Seattle @AlexisHotel -

    Kimpton is a name that a lot of travelers know means quality and a great stay. When you are here that is exactly what you will get as this place is a great one and one you will enjoy. 

  • 5. Hotel Bellevue @MarriottSeattleBellevue -

    Ran by the Marriott chain you will see this place. It is easily one of the best hotels you can find and it is going to let you see this place is going to have all the comforts you want to have in a hotel that you will be laying your head down at each night. 

  • 4. Grand Hyatt Seattle @GrandHyattSeattle -

    Sometimes you will just want to stay in a grand place. That is exactly what you will get at the Grand Hyatt. This place is simply amazing and has some of the best comforts I have ever found in a hotel. 

  • 3. Salish Lodge and Spa @salishlodgeandspa -

    This is a location that has been being worked on and it has made quite a few improvements. The place has rooms that are comfortable and the spa part of the resort is one that you will enjoy quite a bit. 

  • 2. Hyatt at Olive 8 @HyattatOlive8 -

    Staying in a Hyatt property often means you get a chance to have a world class experience at a reasonable price. What is really great is this place has quite a few amenities you are sure to enjoy, but also is close to everything the Seattle area. 

  • 1. Cedarbrook Lodge @CedarbrookLodge -

    If you want to go to a place that has some of the bets relaxation and lodge or resort type of feel you will want to check out Cedarbrook Lodge. This place is simply a great place to go and definitely going to be one of those places you will enjoy for all of the amenities they have.

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