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Top 7 Pubs - New York City

Posted on 12 March 2017 by Bridget

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Saint Patrick's Day is coming up soon and with that comes the annual time to go to the pub and drink green beer! However, if you are traveling and Saint Patrick's Day comes up you cannot go to your favorite pub. If you are in New York City, though, rest easier because we have taken and ranked the Top 7 Pubs in New York City. 

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  • 7. O'Hara's Pub Restaurant @OharasPubNYC -

    O'Hara's is a location that a lot of people are going to love because it has great atmosphere. With this location we love the beer and the Ten House Burger that is going to provide you with the best burger and beer combination ever. 

  • 6. Peculier Pub @PeculierPub -

    This is a great location that has pew like seating that is going to help you out in getting to sit down. The beer combined with the Ultimate Burger make this a great place that you can enjoy food for hours on end.

  • 5. The Irish American Pub @theiapub -

    The Irish American pub is a great place to go to and be able to enjoy a great beer and fantastic environment. When you are here you will be able to enjoy some great food and environment. Our favorite dish is the name sake for the restaurant the Irish American, which is a great fried egg, gammon, and House of Parliament Sauce.

  • 4. O'Lunney's @Olunneys -

    O'Lunney's is an Irish American pub located in Times Square. However, it is a pub that is going to be a great one for people to visit because of the tradition that it has and the excellent food it offers. Our favorite option for O'Lunney's is the great sliders that you are going to be able to order. 

  • 3. Mulligan's Pub @Mulligans-Pub -

    Mulligan's is a name that everyone in New York City is going to recognize. This is a pub that is laid back and serves some of the best Irish pub food this side of the pond. Our favorite food dish here is the Dubliner Burger, which is a perfect blend of sauteed onions, Irish bacon and melted Dublin cheese. 

  • 2. McSorley's Old Ale House @McSorleys-Old-Ale-House -

    Nothing beats tradition and that is what you get at McSorley's, which is New York's longest operating saloon since it opened in 1863. Either way this is a great watering hole that will allow you to have some of the best drinks that you can have. 

  • 1. Carragher's Pub @carrasnyc -

    Nothing will remind you of a pub than settling up at the bar and ordering a pint and knowing the bar is the long dark wood that you love. Throw in the great food and fantastic atmosphere and Carragher's is a great place to go. Our favorite food dish from the menu is the The Rigby which is an awesome grilled lemon chicken. 

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