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Top 7 Pubs In Nashville

Posted on 16 March 2017 by Danielle

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Fleet Street Pub

Nashville is mainly known for its music legends and the way that it has connected with the people that love country music. However, like all the major cities the city does have a popular and ever growing pub scene. You just have to make sure you know about the top 7 pubs in Nashville to have a great time. 

If you want to explore more of Nashville outside of the pubs scenes, then check out our Nashville travel page. 

  • 7. Flying Saucer Draught Emporium @FlyingSaucerNashville -

    The Flying Saucer is a place that is stylish, trendy, and has some of the best food that you can find in a pub. The location has good atmosphere and a relaxing place for you to sit down and enjoy some food and a drink. Our favorite drink from here is the Piraat which is a seasonal, but great drink. 

  • 6. The Row @TheRowNashville -

    The Row is a place that has really won the hearts of a lot of people with how well it is ran and the food. Throw in the live music and it is easy to see why the Row is a place that you are going to love to stop at. Our favorite dish off of the menu is Smoked Ribeye Steak, that has to be one of the most amazing steaks we have eaten outside of the traditional steakhouses. 

  • 5. Donelson Pub @ThePubofDonelson -

    Normally when you think of a pub you will find they are generally Irish or English. However, Donelson is a place that has kept with the old school American feel and has the great feel that you would expect. Throw in the safety factor and you can see why this place is a great stop. 

  • 4. Hillwood Pub @hillwoodpubnash -

    Hillwood is located on the West side of town, but it is a great place to go to. The pub has a wide selection of beers and fantastic food. When we go to the Hillwood we love to go on Monday when it is 6 dollar burger day! 

  • 3. Pub5 @Pub5Nashville -

    Pub5 is a location that is downtown, but they do not have on site parking which is the drawback that we found. However, we love the food and the atmosphere so it definitely makes our list of the best pubs in Nashville. The food that we like from the pub is the Lamb Burger. 

  • 2. McNamara's Irish Pub @ -

    Gaelic food is what you want and that is what you are going to get when you look at McNamara's Irish Pub. This is a location that people are going to love and want to eat at time and time again for the great food and fantastic pub atmosphere. With that being said, our favorite dish is the Clare Coastal Chicken. 

  • 1. Fleet Street Pub @fleetstreetpub -

    Fleet Street Pub is a place that you can really fall in love with. They have the strong and classic touch of an English pub, but the graceful elegance you would expect to see. Our favorite dish from the menu is the old pub standard of fish and chips! 

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