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Top 7 Pubs In Chicago

Posted on 13 March 2017 by Pam

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Chicago is a city that knows how to take Saint Patrick's Day a step further with the green river. However, this does not mean that Chicago does not have plenty of green beer. You just have to know the Top 7 Pubs in Chicago to find the green beer and Irish food from. 

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  • 7. Miller's Pub @milerspub -

    Miller's is an older pub in Chicago, but it is one that will allow you to get comfortable with the pub food and the atmosphere as it has a lot of the foods and drinks that you may be used to. Miller's leans heavily on the American menu style and that can make it easier for you to order food. Our personal favorite from the location is a sandwich, the BBQ Pulled Pork. 

  • 6. Kerryman Irish Pub @KerrymanChicago -

    Kerryman is party central when it comes to the Irish parade. They even brag about letting the party begin as soon as the parade ends. Not to mention the location is very busy and it is easy to see why this is such a popular place. Our favorite dish from Kerryman Irish Pub is something that can be seen as a little more classy for some as we tend to love the Shepherds Pie that is available from this pub. 

  • 5. Emmit's Irish Pub @emmitsirishpub -

    The building has a storied past, the food does not though. The food at Emmit's is stunning and often going to leave you full. The beer is wonderful and served in a timely manner as well. Our favorite dish from the menu is the Pesto Chicken Sandwich, which is not really Irish, but it is definitely a great meal. 

  • 4. Paddy Long's Beer and Bacon @paddylongs -

    Paddy Long's has been a Chicago staple for years. They have some great food and a high class beer selection. Plus they have the Bacon Bomb! This is a dish that you will want to share with your friends because it is so large, but you can try to take on the challenge of five pounds of meat on your own if you dare. 

  • 3. Galway Arms @galway.arms -

    The Galway Arms is a pub that you are going to love. This location has Irish music, traditional Irish beers, and food. Our favorite dish is the Guinness Beef Stew. This stew combined with all the other beers on the menu are going to draw you back in time and time again. 

  • 2. The Curragh Traditional Irish Pub @curraghep -

    The Curragh is a pub that you are going to fall in love with. This is a pub that has some of the great food you would expect to have, but also has the party like atmosphere you would want with an Irish pub. Our favorite dish off the meal side of the menu is the Dublin Burger, which is Sirloin, Irish Bacon and Blarney Cheese.

  • 1. Red Lion Pub @redlionpubchi -

    The Red Lion Pub is one that has been around for years in Chicago. The location is more of an upscale style pub, but still knows how to have a great time when it comes time to party. Our favorite menu item from the pub is the Fish and Chips which is some of the best we have found this side of the pond.

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