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Top 7 Public Golf Courses in Cincinnati

Posted on 22 July 2016 by Kim

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Weather Wax Golf Course Cincinnati

Golf is a game so popular that some business deals that change the world have been made on the courses. Every major city has at least several beautiful golf courses. Cincinnati golf is very popular and the courses are amazing, today we look at the Top 7 Cincinnati Public Golf Courses. 

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  • 7. Huseton Woods Golf Course -

    Golf course in the middle of a beautifully wooded state park makes Huseton Woods one our favorite in Cincinnati. Huseton Woods has some unique challenges on the course but not so tough will make you not want to come back. The tree lined fairways make this feel like country club but with the public course price. 

  • 6. Golf Center At Kings Island -

    Okay, this is a course that is nice, but what is really nice is you can take and drop the family off at Kings Island before heading to the course. Then you can sit back and enjoy playing golf and know your wife will not be ready to kill you by the time you get back. 

  • 5. Lassing Pointe Golf Course -

    If you feel adventurous take a drive to Kentucky. When you are their stop in the little town of Union and you will find Lassing Pointe. The course has some rough areas, but is just playable enough for novices alike. Close to Greater Cincinnati Airport so convenient for business meetings. 

  • 4. Miami Whitewater Forest Golf Course -

    Located on the beautiful Miami Whitewater Lake, the views make this course one of the best public courses in Cincinnati. Miami Whitewater scenery might bring in the players but what brings them back is how well maintained this public course is. 

  • 3. Vineyard Golf Course @VineyardGolf513 -

    Beauty abounds when you are playing on Vineyard Golf Course. The Vineyard course has a gentle slope to it and the look and feel will make you think you are playing at one of Cincinnati's many Country Clubs.

  • 2. Weatherwax Golf Course Highlands -

    Sometimes a course has the same name, but different locations. The Highlands course is another beautiful set of links to play on. This location, though, provides a challenge of bunkers and tall grass, better stay on fairway at Weatherwax Highlands.

  • 1. Weatherwax Golf Course Woodside -

    Weatherwax in Woodside is a location that golfers will love to hate. The beauty is present, but it also has gently sloping hills that can make it impossible for you to have a good scorecard if you land above the hole as the ball may not stop rolling for some time. 

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