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Top 7 Places For Breakfast In Cincinnati

Posted on 19 February 2017 by Kim

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I know that for me I cannot really get my morning going without having a great breakfast. However, when I am in Cincinnati it is a place filled with fantastic places to eat breakfast at. With that being the case, we have decided to rank the top 7 breakfast restaurants in Cincinnati. 

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  • 7. Holtmans Donuts @HoltmansDonuts -

    Donuts is definitely a great comfort food. The donuts from Holtman's is often the best you can find and definitely worth getting for the entire family while you are traveling in Cincinnati.

  • 6. Tucker's Restaurant @TuckersrestaurantOTR -

    Tucker's is a location that has been around for years. However, it is a place that has some great food options. Our personal favorite dish is the Six Cheese Omelet which combines our favorite foods of cheese and eggs.

  • 5. The French Crust Cafe @jrcincyfood -

    A touch of French food for breakfast is just a huge yum! The French Crust Cafe is fairly new, but comes from highly acclaimed chef Jean Robert. Our favorite dish here is the scrambled egg with goat cheese, confit tomatoes, and asparagus all on a beautiful croissant.

  • 4. The Blue Jay Restaurant @Blue-Jay-Restaurant -

    The Bluejay Restaurant has a lot to be prideful of. The location has some great food and a nice location with a laid back atmosphere. Our favorite meal from the location is the eggs over easy and the bacon, cooked to perfection each time. 

  • 3. Maplewood Kitchen and Bar @maplewoodcincy -

    This is more of a brunch type of location, but when you are traveling it is nice to have a chance to sleep in. At Maplewood Kitchen and Bar our favorite dish from the location is the Bistro Steak and Eggs that has managed to leave us full for the entire day. 

  • 2. Hang Over Easy @HOECincy -

    Hang Over Easy has a great location close to the University of Cincinnati, but it has a breakfast that will make any hangover easy to get over from. So the location is great with the college having so many students on campus. Our favorite dish from Hang Over Easy is the Chicken N Waffles. 

  • 1. Sugar N Spice @eatsugarnspice -

    Sugar N Spice is one of those smaller trendy breakfast restaurants you would want to enjoy while on vacation. The cartoon murals and the bright colors will definitely brighten up your morning each day. While we are eating here the favorite dish we have is the Slaughterhouse Five which is a stunning dish that a meat lover will adore. 

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