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Top 7 Places For Breakfast In Boston

Posted on 13 February 2017 by Kim

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Boston is a beautiful city and one that you are going to enjoy. However, if you want to have a great trip you need to make sure you start the day off right with breakfast. With this being the case, we have decided to rank the top 7 breakfast restaurants in Boston. 

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  • 7. Mike & Patty's @mikeandpattys -

    This is a classic breakfast location that you are going to enjoy. They have classic foods that you will enjoy, but also unique choices as well. Our personal favorite is the Breakfast Grilled Crack which is a fried egg, 2x the bacon, and three different great cheeses to enjoy.

  • 6. Harry's All American @Harrys-Breakfast-and-Lunch -

    This is a location that you will enjoy because it takes the traditional American approach to breakfast and that helps you have a great meal that you can enjoy. The classic favorite that is on the menu is the excellent French Toast that you can enjoy. 

  • 5. Theo's Cozy Corner Restaurant @Theos-Cozy-Corner-Restaurant -

    Theo's is a location that has a lot of great personality and food. The restaurant has some great breakfast foods to enjoy as well. Our personal favorite at the location is the Super Special which is 2 eggs, pancakes, coffee, and toast. 

  • 4. The Paramount Beacon Hill @paramount44 -

    The Paramount in Beacon Hill is a place that has managed to get the Boston tradition that you will love. The food is excellent and may be the best breakfast you can find. Our personal favorite dish is the Breakfast Special of two eggs, toast, cajun home fries, and a hot cup of Joe. 

  • 3. Wheelhouse Boston @wheelhousebos -

    Wheelhouse is mainly known as a hamburger restaurant in Boston. However, Wheelhouse should be known for the great breakfast they serve. Our favorite here is including the burger and that is Breakfast Burger with the coffee crust burger, topped with bacon and a great fried egg. 

  • 2. Blunch @eatblunch -

    Blunch is the name of the food you can get as they have great breakfast foods that are served all the way to lunch. With Blunch our favorite dish is the fact that you can create your own combo and that is going to make it easier for you to discover your own great food. 

  • 1. The Friendly Toast @Friendly_toast -

    The Friendly Toast is one of the premier locations for breakfast in Boston. The breakfast menu is simply awesome as they state. Our personal favorite dish is the King Cakes, which is two mini pancakes with banana's and chocolate chips inside. The dish also has peanut butter in between the cakes with bacon encircling the cakes. 

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