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Top 7 Pizza Restaurants - Phoenix

Posted on 13 November 2017 by Shannon

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CIBO Pizzeria

Pizza is a very quick and easy meal that a lot of people enjoy. Mainly because pizza is a meal that people usually knows what is on the dough, but also what they like and how good it is, while at the same time very filling. This is why I have decided it was time for me to go out and find the top 7 pizza restaurants for you to enjoy in Phoenix.

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  • 7. Pizzeria Bianco @Pizzeria-Bianco -

    Pizzeria Bianco is a great place to go and enjoy some great wood fired pizzas. However, the brick wall will give you the feel that you are in a high end eatery as well. The pizza that we love from here is the pepperoni pizza that is out of this world.

  • 6. Pomo Pizzeria @PomoPizzeria -

    Pomo is a place that has some great food and some of the best staff that we have ever encountered. Everyone at the place is nice and will make sure you are properly taken care of. We personally love the Toto Sapore

  • 5. Spinato's Pizzeria @spinatospizzeria -

    Located a short distance from Phoenix is Spinato's. The place has a good atmosphere that is rather enjoyable, but it also has a great quality to the food. I really love the pizza from here and any of the pizza you order is going to blow your mind.

  • 4. Federal Pizza @Federal-Pizza -

    Federal Pizza is a great place that has some amazing wood fired pizzas. The place is great for the amount of food you get as well with a high quality. I do have to admit I do like the Big Star pizza from here. 

  • 3. The Parlor Pizzeria @TheParlorPizza -

    Fresh ingredients and a great staff is what you are going to love with the Parlor Pizzeria. The staff is great as well and will help you out with the great food as well. The pizza that we love is the basic cheese with extra cheese. 

  • 2. Lou Malnati @loumalnatis -

    Lou Malnati's is a great place to go with a fantastic Italian atmosphere you are sure to fall in love with. What you are going to love from Lou Malnati is the fact they have some great deep dish Chicago style pizza.

  • 1. CIBO @cibopizzeria -

    CIBO is a great place that will have plenty of pizza options for you to enjoy. The place also has a great atmosphere as well for everyone to like. The pizza that we love from here is the Prosciutto Crudo that is simply an amazing dish.

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